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  1. Awesome! I will let you know when i am able to test it and let you know the results.
  2. ok so how do I use this php file to display it on my website? Yes i am still new to this and am in the process of rebuilding it using cpanel. Thanks in advance!
  3. Please let me know when this is ready. Even if I had a button on my website that would show the current DJ that is better than nothing.
  4. I use the website builder. So is there any other alternatives to making this work?
  5. I also found out that the website is not hosted so i cannot upload php file to it.
  6. OK I cannot FTP or they won tell me how to do so. Has anyone ever FTP'ed to a Godaddy site?
  7. i was trying to upload it to my Centova Cast where i send my songs so i made a new folder called PHP. I was able to upload it as an MP3 and reame it as .php but i cant access the file with iframe code.
  8. I tried to make a folder and it told me 'Wrong File Type' when i uploaded it.
  9. Can you give some insight as to how you are adding this to your website? I cannot upload files to my website and have to add it in an HTML box. Yes I am still learning this and need some assistance please. I so want this code to work. I have a DJ on air right now.
  10. I am getting an error in the code when I put it into an HTMl box on my website: SERVERGENRE; // echo $genre; // Next we pull the SONGTITLE from the xml and split the variable with delimiter ":" $songTitle = $xml->SONGTITLE; $parts = explode(':'
  11. the Statistic Relays and the DJ name on the website for who is On Air are 2 different things.
  12. I do need the script because i cannot get it to show on the website. i never used SAM to put the DJ name on the website. I never said i did not need it anymore.
  13. Believe it or not, I am using SAM 4.2.2 And what is funny is that this website also helped me make the Statistic Relays able to work. I had to rig the setup for that but it works like a champ. Thanks for helping.
  14. I just need one that shows the current DJ name that is On Air. so if it is DJ Auto that is what it shows, or the current DJ. I have never had to deal with a schedule of any sort. I dont know how my old Server was getting the name of the DJ that was on air. It is like they are pulling it from the database that has all the DJ accounts to see who is logged in, and if nobody is on air, it shows Auto Dj. I wonder why makeavoice can do it but i cannot find someone else that can do that?
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