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  1. I found some information indicating that it has been this way for Mozilla based browsers (Chrome, Firefox and now Edge) since 2017
  2. Hello All! I'm pleased to announce that I have now taken over BroadcastingWorld and will be continuing to revamp it and get it back running the way we used to have it and love! As of now, I believe all broken items are resolved and the site is running as expected once again! I hope to see that since the site is back up once again, we will see our community grow again! What do y'all think? What do you want to see done?
  3. Many providers using shared-type hosting or cheap servers will set the initial buffer high so that the client has 4-30 (I've seen settings of 30!) of buffer, so they can claim "buffer-free" service. In the end it is typically trying to account for crappy servers or bandwidth so the client's listeners don't complain. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense to set the buffer very high. Now on the other hand, if the provider is servicing customers that have very poor internet connections that can go in and out, this would potentially help by keeping a continuous stream as well.
  4. Are they being told they must pay a monthly fee now? I haven't heard this yet but I don't subscribe to their services to know for sure. Feel free to come on over
  5. Bingo! How did you know that they would post 15 times then put a spammy post in? ;)
  6. Please don't come on our forums and make 15 useless posts just so you can post your services. This is your warning, next time you'll be banned, although I doubt we'll see you again.
  7. Sometimes you gotta get that word count up You know, like those college essays we had to write that were minimum number of words. Lots of extra things haha!
  8. Well, you would need to find a customer and sell on air ad space.
  9. Website ads, on air ads are a good place to start. Sell sponsorships things like that.
  10. For several tens of thousands of listeners, you will want many dedicated servers clustered. I'd look for a collocation center personally. Choopa.com, LiquidWeb, SoftLayer are all good hosts I've used.
  11. I spoke about this with Wes (new owner at StreamLicensing). Stardome and Empirestreaming bought 365 and all of the assets a few months ago. Sounds promising from what I hear
  12. Not sure about this. We got the same questions from some users. We also had some users state they were instructed to call us for support, although I suspect that came up because of a quick Google search of ShoutCast support or something of that nature. Interestingly enough, a few of the new customers we gained from them promptly canceled their service with us and moved back once they were back up. Apparently customer service and uptime isn't important to them. The majority of them stayed though
  13. You were self promoting your own stuff. The other posts were not.
  14. All depends how much support you really need. If you are up and running and everything is good, you may stick it out if you're otherwise happy. On the other hand, if some stuff goes down, you do want a knowledgeable force ready to assist. Keep in mind that will probably come at a premium. As shoutcaststreaming stated, check out some reviews - like shoutcaststreaming for example - as they are one of the better hosts around!
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