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  1. I have been setting up and getting started with a couple of different podcasts. I was fortunate to find a couple of sites that offer royalty free music that I can play at the start and end of each episode for my podcasts. Although the sites have one catch can use the music without violating copyright as long as you don't include the music in monetized videos. Then you have to pay for each piece of music you include in the video. It is time for copyright and licensing rules to change.
  2. I have been busy making a lot of changes to both my radio and tv broadcasts. I am moving to a podcast on soundclound and for At This Time TV episodes I am using an open source broadcasting tool. Very easy to use.
  3. How you use any social platform for talking about your website and shows is crucial. I don't use or have anything to do with any of these digital marketers who claim they can help increase your audience and get the word out about your show. It is all rubbish. None of them take the time to get to know anything about your show and don't even seriously study your website. They will only create generic ads and convince you to spam out e-newsletters. They know nothing for how social platforms work. Especially nowadays. Twitter, facebook and others have been constantly changing how their news feeds push out content. The fees these marketers charge is absolutely ridiculous. Save your money. Take the time to do your own marketing and branding on any platform. I have been using social platforms for my website and shows for years and will try different types of posts to see what gets more attention and click through. It is trial and error. Also you can't do the same thing for example on twitter that you would do on facebook. Other social platforms for example instagram and pininterest are not effective for all types of shows and websites. You need to first use the platform personally see how the content is pushed on the news feed and see what others are posting and commenting on.
  4. I will only broadcast my shows from my studio and will connect the laptop directly to the internet. These days I have been broadcasting on location reports and updates/commentaries with my smartphone to post on my official instagram page.
  5. Like so many others I tried broadcasting my video episodes on youtube. However very quickly I discovered just because youtube has links for compatible broadcast encoding software it doesn't mean the software any good. I was able to find a better open source software. Also I have stopped scheduling live broadcasts. I get more people watching by recording and uploading.
  6. I have been the editor/broadcaster/writer for my on-line news magazine for nearly 20 years now. It has been a labor of love over the years. It had evolved from a single webpage to a very exciting magazine style website. I work long hours each day on improving and updating the pages. Also have been making some changes to the radio and tv episodes. Looking forward to collaborate with others. I regularly check out other webseries to see what they are doing and if gives me any ideas for future episodes.
  7. I prefer to broadcast with my computer rather than smartphone. I am still not convinced live broadcasting from smartphone all that reliable. Although I have been working on doing on location segments from my smartphone. There is a few details and logistics to work out. Due to what talk about during my episodes I need to be able to show links during the broadcast. I can only do with display capture from my second monitor.
  8. I recently had a copyright issue with one episodes for my webseries on my youtube channel. I did an episode talking about the troublesome presidential campaign. I played several clips from late show with stephen colbert. I took the clips from the late show youtube channel and mention during the episode these clips owned by CBS. It wasn't the first time I played clips from colbert channel. A few months later I got a message from youtube saying my episode was being blocked because the copyright owner filed a complaint. Only for this episode but another episode was left alone but youtube added ads to my video to compensate the copyright owner. I filed a dispute to try at least get some clarification but not only the reply came too fast it didn't answer the questions I raised in my dispute. They only said copyright owner still claims ownership a very non answer. I don't believe anyone actually looked at my dispute. I was considering to file appeal but I would run risk of getting the video deleted and getting a strike against my account. If they couldn't answer my dispute properly there no reason to believe would take my appeal seriously. I deleted the episode and recorded a new episode without the videos because what I talked about was too important to forget about. The copyright laws need to be revised and provide a better clarification what can and can't do. The current copyright laws accomplish nothing but make lawyers rich.
  9. Hi all I had a difficult time to find an appropriate studio software for recording and live streaming to my youtube channel. The list of software youtube recommends only one I could use but later on I had to look for another. Just because youtube recommends doesn't mean it will work for your webseries or with your computer. I am using an open source application and what a difference. Wow
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