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  1. Have you tried audiojungle ? i know the guys i work with use audio jungle day in day out always happy with the stuff they get from their
  2. Hey Guys, I'm Adam (Chappers) from AC Music Enterainment. I'm 27 and live in Chesterfield UK I hope you are all well . I used to do Voiceovers back a few years ago and recently began to be back on the music industry by starting up Discos and Karaoke. With that also came a great chance on a community radio which is currently internet based but are pushing to become a community FM station. i did a little post up on radio shows / dj topic the other day I'm sure in the future once i have got plenty of money back after splashing out on so much i'll be creating voiceovers (dry) for people like you again. However if in the meantime anybody has any questions you'd like to ask me please by all means give me a shout All the very best Adam
  3. hey all, Tuesday night's from 7pm - 9pm join me chappers for the old'skool & anthems on S41 Radio. UK time I'll be playing the very best in R&B , hiphop and dance. you can find more at http://www.s41radio.com all the best Chappers
  4. Hey Everyone, I hope you are well. i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to do a dry voiceover for me. male preferred if possible but will not mind female. all i need is a simple reading of this script below. it's chappers with the old... school & anthems and that is it nothing else required just a simple dry voice of that being created your thanks and support will be shown and appreciated Adam from AC Music Entertainment
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