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  1. FM radio is on way out quality of net radio is far better more ways to listen alot of substandard fm stations with all sydicated shows n sub standard presenters so people look to the internet for quality
  2. new motown and northern soul show sydicated to all the top soul stations in uk 2 hour show sent on ftp weekley if you would like it for your station email me leesoul70@hotmail.co.uk
  3. tnanks arther great read big thanks again
  4. fantastic just what i needed thankyou
  5. upbeat your listening to lee vincent from the uk with the best music mix from 60s 70s 80s produced not dry thanks
  6. hi im lookin for a good show intro i can use on all stations i use name lee vincent i play vareity of all genres music so if any 1 could that would be great thank you
  7. new show for your station now availble 70s 80s music based leesoul70@hotmail.co.uk
  8. hi im lee vincent ive had some great help on b world with sams settings etc what i would like please is some mixed 70s 8os music beds with the ending saying your listening to lee vincent on ur fav station so 70s 80s music tracks mixed with my ident at the end hope some 1 can help thanks
  9. im lee vincent im very pleased to be a member here very helpfull site what im lookin for is some music beds 70sn 80s mixed tracks for my new radio show in uk can any1 help me thank you
  10. im new to usin sams ive 4.2 ive music but no mike sound any help with configurin
  11. thanks any good idents u could let me have thanks
  12. lee vincent with the soul and motown show the uks best soul and motown dj on ur biggest station lee vincent lee vincent on your soul radio playing the best in soul stax northern and tamla any thing in that line thanks
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