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    Harpurhey, Manchester UK
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    A retired DJ who promotes the use of RadioDJ as an alternative to other expensive automation options.

    Started out as DJ in 1987 and I've had a love of music as long as I can remember

    Please NOTE: RadioDJ is NOT my software that is coded by the wonderful Marius Vaida
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    Blogging, Computers, internet radio, Music (mainly oldies)
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  1. I've not tested the playback on an AAC+ stream for quite sometime. Today I found that Firefox was able to play my Icecast stream. It doesn't work on Chrome as I tried. Anyone know how long Firefox has natively supported the playback of AAC+ streams?
  2. We know you don't know what you are doing. Just admit you don't have a clue when it come to website programming. I'm not sure but I think your problems lie between the Keyboard and the Computer. I think because of your attitude in the past that NO ONE is going to help you
  3. I don't know what other BETA users think but I think v2.0.3.1 is a corking release its stable and sounds amazing just with the built in sound processing. YES I RAVE about RadioDJ but I have good reason as no other automation program can hold a candle to RDJ in 10 years its yet to let me down.
  4. (Beta) - Fixed stop events button bug which disabled the button; - Fixed "Reset Playcount For The Selected Subcategory" bug in tracks manager; - Button "Stop Events" was renamed to "Enable/Disable Events [NEW]"; https://www.radiodj.ro/community/index.php?topic=15407.0
  5. The latest beta of RadioDJ is available to download! https://www.radiodj.ro/community/index.php?topic=15385.msg84632#msg84632 It uses the same database schema as the previous beta release, so to update it, just replace the files with the new ones. PS: Some antivirus may continue to alert you, but it's a false positive. Sorry for that. Please do not use in production environment!
  6. I've noticed that the Winamp/Shoutcast forums are MIA and have been since the news of the fire broke out. Will Radionomy reinstate them... I doubt it. Unfortunately S**T happens...
  7. Just seen this article on another forum https://www.datacenterknowledge.com/uptime/fire-has-destroyed-ovh-s-strasbourg-data-center-sbg2 OVH are a BIG data server provider. There are lots of disruptions to services that use OVH datacentres such as RadioBoss cloud.
  8. I've had it working on my 64bit machine A lot of the DSP plugins were written over 20 years ago now so its little wonder they no longer work on modern Windows 10 PC's
  9. Its a 32bit program as far as I'm aware, Its stand alone program not a DSP
  10. Someone posted this on the RadioDJ forums yesterday. I thought some people might find it useful A free audio processor which could be an alternative to other DSP/Audio processing tools http://www.burnill.co.uk/
  11. Dear DJ please play my Song ... Click.. Post! There that's someone put their request in via facebook. Whats wrong with using the comments on the wall or page for requests NO scripting required? Although any such scripting (PHP) would be beyond your pay grade (programming skills) WE know from the past that you cannot code for Toffee. Sorry but that's the reality of the situation. (Cue Tantrums & Abuse)
  12. Ignore this post someone was sharing an article as if it was new....
  13. I take it from the silence the answer to my question is.... I don't know why this user keeps using old buggy versions of SAM
  14. Have you BOUGHT SAM this time? or are you still using some DODGY pirated OLD version such as 4.2.2
  15. How rude are you? Smoothjazz knows lots about broadcasting & Licencing issues. Another point i agree with you don't appear to want to listen to anyone's advice the people who have been trying to help you on here have been broadcasting a lot of years. Stop being so obnoxious and you might actually get some advice. Sorry it needed saying.
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