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  1. Check OUT Our NEW FACEBOOK PAGE DEDICATED TO OUR Facebook Viral Player! https://www.facebook.com/radioviraleplayer/ DISCOUNT CODE: VIRAL50 You get: 200 slots at 64 kbps --> we relay your SHOUTcast/Icecast Audio Stream FACEBOOK Wall Player Customised with your logo ---> check here some example: https://www.facebook.com/radioviraleplayer/ Mobile Links (Android/IOS/Blackberry/Smart-TV) Control Panel with Stats Player Generator for your website WWW.AZOTOSOLUTIONS.COM
  2. CHECK OUT OUR NEW Wowza Streaming Video Streaming LIVE PLANS! http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/en/wowza-live-video-streaming-server/ Need also a Playlist Scheduler in order to upload your mp4 files and creates your playlist? Check our WEB-TV PLANS http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/en/video-server/
  3. Check Our NEW FACEBOOK VIRAL PLAYER! http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/en/shoutcast-icecast-radio-relay-wowza-facebook-wall-player/ [h=3]Your Radio Become “Viral”[/h]Imagine the potential of being able to share your radio directly to Facebook and make it possible to listen directly to the Board without having to be directed to the website, imagine thousands of people share the link to listen on your wall, thus amplifying exponentially your listeners
  4. Update 11/05/2016 - We've updated our Wowza Video Player to latest JW Player 7 Premium Edition. Check out our plans: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/video-server/
  5. [h=3]Shoutcast – Icecast – Radio Relay Wowza + Facebook Wall Player[/h][h=3]The perfect technology of Wowza combined with a powerful control panel will allow you to enhance your pool of listeners in a simple and effective. From your stream SHOUTcast or Icecast will perform a “relay” of your station using our powerful servers Wowza to make available your flow on all platforms Mobile and Desktop. Full compatibility with iOS / Android / Blackberry / Smart-TV. What is a Relay? The relay is a copy of your audio stream through technology Wowza. What are the advantages?The service allows you to expand your service SHOUTcast or Icecast, both in terms of the “gang” and in terms of compatibility. They will indeed up to 500 concurrent users that will be added to those of your piano sound. You can also view the performance of your radio through the Advanced Statistics of the listeners and their geographical origin.http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_chimera_wp/pages/wowza/wowza-relay.jpg [/h][h=3]Facebook Wall Player for Smartphone – Tablets – Mobile[/h][h=3]The player will be customized with the logo of your radio, the link to your website and your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). For mobile users who click on the play button of the player of the board will open a page where the player will be present to listen to direct the flow stream and various links to listen to the radio by the native player of the phone depending on the operating system. Android Version 4 – Android Version 4+ – IOS – Blackberry – Smart-TV. You can customize the logos inside the player, the name of the radio and the various links to your Social Networks. [/h][h=3]Your Radio Become “Viral”[/h][h=3]Imagine the potential of being able to share your radio directly to Facebook and make it possible to listen directly to the Board without having to be directed to the website, imagine thousands of people share the link to listen on your wall, thus amplifying exponentially your listeners fidelizzandoli. [/h][h=3]Facebook Wall Player[/h][h=3]Absolute novelty the Facebook Wall Player will let you share your radio directly on Facebok profile allowing listening directly into the player! Users can share the Radio allowing you to reach millions of potential listeners who daily surf the most popular social network. Desktop users will be able to listen to the radio directly by clicking the play button on the player, mobile users will be directed instead to a personalized page with the player and all the various links of listening to the native player of the phone (Android / iOS / Blackberry / Smart -TV) for full compatibility of your stream on all platforms. [/h][h=3]Demo Facebook Wall Player[/h][h=3]The player will be customized with the logo of your radio, the link to your website and your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+).PlayerVersion: 1.0.1 Released on 28 september 2015 DEMO http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_chimera_wp/pages/wowza/mobile-wowza.jpg More info: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/en/shoutcast-icecast-radio-relay-wowza-facebook-wall-player/ Azoto Solutions www.azotosolutions.com [/h]
  6. Order a FREE Demo of your Video Server with Auto-DJ , playlist scheduler and Free HTML5 Player . http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/video-server/ Wowza Media System - Jw Player PRO Included Azoto Solutions
  7. Dear Broadcaster, till 15 April 2015 we'll ofer a 25% discount on all Audio & Video Streaming Package COUPON CODE: EASTER2015 Server Audio Streaming - SHOUTcast 2.4 - SHOUTcast 1.9.8 - ICEcast 2.4 - AUTO-DJ Included on all PLANS - Player HTML5 Included with automatic Album Cover Example : 50 slots up to 192 kbps with 5 GB Auto-DJ - Centovacast 3.1 at 11,25 euro/month with the discount code: EASTER2015 More info: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/shoutcast-icecast/ Server Video Streaming - Wowza Media Systeam - Control Panel with Auto-DJ for WEB-TV - Customised Player HTML5 50 Slots up to 512 kbps with 15 GB for your video and playlist at only 22 euro/month with the discount code More Info: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/video-server/ Facebook Player 2015 at only 22 euro for ONETIME More Info: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/billing/cart.php?gid=22 Please visit our ENGLISH SITE at: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/en/ OUR SOCIALS: please subscribe for updates and MORE DISCOUNTS: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AzotoSolutions TWITTER: GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AndreaTurcoAzotoSolutions LINKEDIN: http://it.linkedin.com/in/azotosolutions/ PINTEREST: http://it.pinterest.com/azotosolutions/
  8. Dear Broacaster, you can now order a DEMO TEST OF VIDEO STREAMING directly from our Client Area - It's completely FREE and you can test the service for 1 WEEK - Maximum Bitrate: 1280 Kbps Slots: 10 Max Disk Space: 5 GB for your MP4 video You can go live using Flash Media Encoder or you can upload mp4 video files and create your personal Playlist - You can also create your custom Video Player with your Logo - Android Links - IOS links - Blacberry and Smart-TV links. Test Now for FREE http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/it/video-server/ SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL CODE TILL 24/12/2014 25DISCOUNT ----> use this coupon during order of a SHOUTcast 2.4 , SHOUTcast 1.9, ICEcast 2.4, or WEB-TV Server and get 25% Discount on Total Regards, Azoto Solutions www.azotosolutions.com www.hostingshoutcast.com
  9. Sorry GKIye . correct link is: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/creare-una-web-tv-video-streaming-wowza/ Regards, Azoto Solutions
  10. Azoto Solutions presents the new web tv station service for streaming your content in FULL HD 1920 X 1280 You can easily create your playlist directly from our control panel and create your customised player with your logo in a click. Real Time Stats - IOS - Android - Blackberry Links - Playlist Generator with easy drag and drop More info: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/creare-una-web-tv-video-streaming-wowza/ Test a demo for 1 month for only 1 euro - 10 Slots up to 1280 kbps - 5 GB Storage for your Scheduled Playlist Order Now: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/tv-station-standard-high-hd/
  11. 30% OFF NEW SIGNUPS. Try Now Azoto Solutions - enjoy our FREE html5 Players and 99,99 uptime servers, latest Centovacast Cast Control Panel and new POWERFUL Intel Xeon Core of our Server! www.hostingshoutcast.com Join Us on FB: https://www.facebook.com/AzotoSolutions COUPON CODE: APRIL2014 Do you need a free html5 embedded player? Try now our free generator here: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/free-shoutcast-html5-player-embedded-player-html5/
  12. Azoto Solutions is pleased to introduce our exclusive and free new player 2014 compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox ..). http://hostingshoutcast.com/images/player2014.png Features: - Start/Stop - Volume Control - Metadata info (Artist - Song Title) - Automatic Album Cover from Last.fm The player works on Shoutcast 1.9.8, soon other players for Shoutcast 2.0 and Icecast will be released. View a demo of the player here: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/black/ Download the player for FREE here * http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/billing/dl.php?type=d&id=43 * In order to download the player you MUST have an active Shoutcast package with us. Shoutcast DEALS till 31 juanary 2014! Server Shoutcast 500 Slots up to 128 kbps + Android Native APP + Player HTML5 2014 included in the price at only 16 euro/month VAT INCLUDED Ordina qui: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/billing/cart.php?gid=20 Server Shoutcast 100 Slots up to 192 kbps + 5 GB Auto-DJ + Player HTML5 2014 included in the price at only 15 euro/month VAT INCLUDED Ordina qui: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/billing/cart.php?gid=4 Server Shoutcast 200 Slots up to 192 kbps + 10 GB Auto-DJ + Player HTML5 2014 included in the price at only 30 euro/month VAT INCLUDED Ordina qui: http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/billing/cart.php?gid=19 Best Regards Azoto Solutions www.hostingshoutcast.com
  13. Server Icecast-KH now Available. Free Equalizer Player Included http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/images/ice-khplayer.png Check Out More info at www.hostingshoutcast.com
  14. Azoto Solutions presents the new native application for Android devices. Reach more than 300 million Android users in the world by entering your application on Google Store, your listeners will be able to download your app and feel anywhere in the world . Functions Included in the price: Play / Pause / Stop Live Radio Stream Works on Shoutcast 2.0, Shoutcast 1.9.8, Icecast 2.3 About Album , Artist & Track + Album Cover Image Supported streams : MP3 , AAC , AAC +, HE- AAC Supported Shoutcast: v v.1.9.8 . 2.0.x Facebook & Twitter Links Works with both Portrait & Landscape Orientations Replacement image with the logo of your radio if the album is not found Notification messages in the Android Menu Function with 3G and Wifi More info here : http://www.hostingshoutcast.com/native-android-app-for-your-radio/ You can test with your Android device by downloading the demo from Google Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.azotosolutionsdemo.radio LAUNCH price of only 89,90 € VAT included ----- about 119 $ ----- about 76£ Regards Azoto Solutions
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