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    My name is Alistair Reeves and I am a radio producer. Basically I sit at a computer for many hour`s in a day with a Microphone, an audio editor known as Sony Sound Forge and a music sequencer called Studio One by Presonus. This allows my production company Air Media to create radio imaging for internet radio station`s and radio sweepers for DJ`S. Apart from this, I am also a voice-over artist for many radio station`s in the world.
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    Audio Video Imaging Radio - STUFF
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    Radio Presenter | Imaging Producer

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  1. Looks like a good site.... Does this bring in any revenue? What`s the asking price on this?
  2. I think what would be a good feature is for someone to screen shot the way to do it and put it on youtube. this could help out a lot of people.
  3. Hey All, The update Christmas FX package is updated for 2017 Over 100 sound FX for imaging, production and Youtube use. Here is A sample Available from Air Media www.christmassoundeffects.com xmas promo.mp3
  4. Hi All, Air Media has just launched a new package of effects " Microism 2 " Another 50 radio imaging effects package available at only £6.99. But as we value your custom, we have added this to every account who has purchased our FULL imaging library, just log in to your account and download it. But we are also offering this at a very special price of £2.99 To get this package of effects at this price just enter the following coupon code " NPMICROISM2 " and apply this at the checkout. This offer will only be available till Sunday so make sure you grab this offer asap. To purchase this package just click the link below. https://airmedia.ecwid.com/Microism-v2-p86401036 Download 5 Free FX from the package. Thanks Air Media m37.wav m3.wav m29.wav m43.wav m10.wav
  5. Air Media launch IMPACT FX v2 here is a free slice from the package. Alistair - Air Media Impact FX - Air Media.mp3
  6. Air Media have just launched a new package of imaging workparts and elements for radio station imaging. This is the sound of IMPACT. Here is the demo and your 5 free cuts from Air Media Get the full package here Air Media IMPACT.mp3 Impact FX 3.wav Impact FX 9.wav Impact 2.wav Impact 27.wav
  7. Hi All, Since my last post on BW Air Media have launched the following products... EFX : SFX : WEATHER 2016 : MICROISM And today we launch Sweep FX v2 And as usual Air Media always give a freebie to play with. The full package is available from Air Media or direct from this LINK Thanks Air Media 3.wav 20.wav 43.wav 2.wav 47.wav
  8. Hi All, Air Media have just launched a new package of Artist Promos. You get 20 modern artist promos for your stations imaging. Here is a freebie sample from Air Media. The other are available from the our website. BUY HERE Thanks, Air Media Air Media - Artist Promo FREE 1.mp3
  9. Hi All, Air Media have just released the NEW SFX package giving you another 50 imaging sound effects for radio and audio production. Below is a free sample of the 5 selected FX from the package. And the rest are available buy from the Air Media website. Thanks, Alistair - Air Media Radio Imaging http://www.airmedia.co/radioimagingeffects/ Killer Drone.wav Bleepy Thing.wav Start Up.wav Wrong Frequency.wav Effecter.wav
  10. I have just uploaded a few more... Available Here //
  11. Hi All, Apart from producing radio beds and news / traffic imaging I also provide a voice over service. So here you have a free sweeper ID to use if you have an Internet radio station. Just download from the link below. Have Fun! Alistair - Air Media The Coolest Station - Free.mp3
  12. Hi All, Trying to get in to this so called Christmas season... So here is a freebie from Air Media Anyone can use this... I am about to update My Xmas Elements package with a load more stuff including this freebie. Merry Christmas 2015.mp3
  13. Hi All, I am just releasing the new Weather 2015 theme. Have a listen to the demo and let`s see what you`re views are? Thanks Alistair Weather2015.mp3
  14. Thanks Robert. Glad you like it... The FULL package of effects are now available @ Air Media HQ Air Media
  15. Hi All, Just to let you all know I am still around. Not done a great deal for over 2 years. But I am working on some new effects and a news imaging package. I have included a package of effects for you all just to keep you happy. Back next week with an update on Theme 2015 - News Traffic Weather & Sports package Alistair FX.zip
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