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  1. Kinda late to the party, but I am really enjoying this over RadioDJ and SAM. I have an old AIR-1 console, so having the extra faders attached to the main automation is fantastic to me. I know it's fairly new, which explains some things, but overall I like it. The scheduling program could use a little more work, but this is gonna be a great build when it's done.
  2. As the title explains, these are my various sounders that I have produced for the month of May 2014. These include sweepers, short station IDs, spots, legal IDs, bit sounders, and power intros. Thoughts? May Imaging.mp3 Power Intros.mp3
  3. Audio Jungle has some really good sounds. Just search "radio imaging"
  4. If you want, I can try to make a station ID with artist drops (example: D - Hour)ID1.mp3 ID2.mp3 D - Hour.mp3
  5. I ripped this from their AOL performance.My Chemical Romance.wav
  6. I hope this satisfies you.Kid Richie_VO_Chris M.wav
  7. This is a small intro for your song of the week. I left a long gap before the final impact to add your station's ID and what-not. Attached is the file mentioned, and an example song, demonstrating its use. I hope at least ONE of you finds this useful. Cheers, Chris. Pick of the week.mp3 Sex_01.mp3
  8. So I'm biased in a way that makes me love the first clip (nice rule). Overall: the dialogue was good, the voice work was excellent, and I love your choice of songs. The only complaint I have is how the sound effects are leveled (maybe lower it a few db). Besides that, it's perfect! Good job.
  9. Here are more sounds from my library of random sounds. The example jingle was created using these sounds, and thoses from this thread. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1013[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1014[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1015[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1016[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1017[/ATTACH] Example - Loins.mp3 laser.wav laser2.wav laser3.wav outsound.wav
  10. These are great! It's a little late for me to be download them, but I like listening.
  11. I'd be delighted. Feel free to contact me at [removed by admin for privacy]
  12. My dad and I are huge Beatles fans. For some reason, he has every vinyl except for A Hard Day's Night. I bought it for him on his birthday. Technically, it was the first one I bought, but not for me.
  13. Here's the first set of power intros I've made for my friend's shoutcast station. I just want to know what you think. Thanks!Power Intro_ER.mp3
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