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  1. Great job, Marty McFly thtas cool whaa
  2. College Radio - learn to hear some good music (stuff) College Radio - We bring you the action College Radio - College, Variety You can do a lot of stuff with it. And please do a 2016 Lines make it personal so you intrest people to join in the radio. I see lot of old one liners that are way over date and years, one your talking about a golden oldies radio thine then but a fresh College radio means some fresh 2016 speaks. Goodluck
  3. Happy holidays, thanks my i do a suggestion? It sounds also good with Abba - Happy new year! Theo
  4. I do a lot of jingle production for hobby, i request sometimes so i can do something with a voice. If you be so kind to do this station ID one liner "Power radio, Music to be played" Already thanks and i look forward to hear your speak. Best Regards, Theo
  5. A new fresh mix down complication Power radio made by Adobe Audition 2016 With izotope plugins. Voices "Dutch pro" Micheal Kames. "U.S.A pro" Glenn and "U.S.A pro" Mark Fraser the did a good speak with lots of different cuts so ity is easy to pull out the max of the voice over. Production myself. Power radio mixdown 2016.mp3 So lets here it, give it a commend reply
  6. Thanks this is old jingle stuff, its time to upload some new stuff as well
  7. Hello to you all, Now it is working it was a Windows fault i had to recover the windows settings and explorer. But gladly the file is downloaded. Thans sounds great!
  8. Thanks Frank for the voice-over, only i can't download it from the form everytime it is a attachment PHP file? i think a bug in the form? is it posible you can send it to me in a e-mail ? info(at)powerradio.nl The production work i upload it here. Thanks again for the time and for your voice over.
  9. I need some new hour opener for my hobby station the old one 's must be change some times so here the request. I Set the onliner in 3 lines so i can produce edit them in onliner. So if you will please read it in one line and in blocks. O yeah if you come up with something please do't be shy and do that also will be appreciated. This is Power radio, and now a 60 minute music sweep, here we go. This is Power radio. And now a 60 minute music sweep. Here we go. Thanks To all.
  10. Thanks for doing the lines, i read now the post you put on. Shame on me.
  11. @GKIye , here are the production jingles. Thanks again for the reads of the onliners.!!Mixdown power 3072013.mp3
  12. Thanks just try to produce some fine work. Its not Always acceed what i had in mind but do my best on it. Thanks for the words it means something to me.
  13. Thanks for doing the reads, much appreciated. Got no rush with it, its hobby and for free request i have the time. I hope things are going better with your father
  14. Hi Guys, here a request fro me. Can anny voice-over read the following lines for me. ** Power radio, spreading Dance all over the Netherlands, party music on Power Radio ** preferably on different ways spoken. Thanks for doing this one.
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