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  1. When I insert the link https://hottunez.000webhostapp.com/images/autism.png I get a "page not found" error. If anything who is used can not be found on Your server than a script is not able to work. If You get stucked with a script who doesn't work, or doesn't does what it has to do, get rid of it and search an other script. Its also possible that your problem appears for reason that You are using a free webhost. These days most of the streaming softwares have at their general settings a section to choose / allow currently song/artist with or without ArtWork. At their forums of those licensed softwares You shall find scripts to solve Your problem. Also notice that since HTML5 is used most of the browsers don't react correctly to some older scripts. Most often a Javascript is used to send the right updates to the webserver who appears at Your website. So get in search for a simple and easy Javascript and You gonna succeed.
  2. Welcome to BW ! Sound processing is most important but not that easy to achieve the right settings. Some presets of a software "looks" fine, but they all need some tweaking to achieve the sound were You are searching for. I can suggest You 2 softwares who are in fact similar to eachother ... One costs money, and the other is open source StereoTool : Is a superb sound processor and works already fine if You buy a license to the Basic + Natural Dynamics + Declipper Details : https://www.stereotool.com/ The developer is from The Netherlands HellFire : Is similar to StereoTool, but open source, so You gonna need somebody who has some knowledge about the setup. Details : http://www.burnill.co.uk/ Source : made at the UK These days most of the sound processing software is 32bit, so I suppose it can give some issues if You are still using an old version of SAM. SB 4.7.4 is out dated and not anymore compatible with most of the today VST plugins. Hope this was helpfull
  3. WOW ! Unbelievable, but as always its still possible in Our modern world. We can't control the behaviour of what is known as coincidence. Sad for all users. I suppose all backups gonna be destroyed as well for reason that they were maybe part of the same building. The past Year there already happend several huge fires at France. The Notre Dame was the first followed by several others, and now that data center. Strange isn't ?
  4. Welcome to BW ! It looks that You already have been redirected to a software platform who offers You a similar way of setup. I found the same post as You made at BW at the forum of RadioDJ ... https://www.radiodj.ro/community/index.php?topic=13990.0
  5. Hi and welcome to BW I know a provider at the UK who offers what You are looking for. The range of price is about what You suggest. Their servers offers connections for IceCast & Shoutcast. Please check BellOnline - UK and discover their services. Interesting can be to make Yourself a profile, it gonna give You a "free account" upto 200 slots (non-public) ... so with an own IP Port etc ... At first You can make some tests and if it offers the right service to You, You can decide to click "Pro", only from that moment on You have to pay. The Pro service offers also 200 slots and You can stream untill 192kbps and offcourse from that moment on Your IP Port becomes public. If You would have any question, feel free to open a ticket at Your account. The owner (Gavin) gonna reply You in less than 24 hours. Provide him Your question, any issues You would experience etc ... You gonna receive an answer at all time. Good luck !
  6. Hi Micha, First of all ... Welcome to BW. Honestly I'm not an IceCast user, I'm using Shoutcast. It looks that Your problem is solved ... well I suppose for reason that I hear audio at both http://stream.dancewave.online:8080 and http://fr4.1mix.co.uk:8060 I'm using 2 Windows10 PCs (a HP & an ACER). I was a kind of addict to the Win7 editions, but anyhow I migrated to Win10 and had also several conflicts with typical audio software. I'm using ProppFrexx (license) and that works fine. However some of my older audio editing softwares created issues. After some updates made by Win10 suddenly a plugin was gone, or the input channel was changed to an other channel etc ... Small things who make people on the edge of becoming nuts. My proposal would be ... If You didn't had any problems before a particular update, reset Your pc to period of time and / or delete the update who created the conflict. I'm not a tech guy but thats what I'm trying to do if I experience unexpected problems. Good luck !
  7. Thanks Gary, Is this plugin 34bit or 64bit ? Most of the current software recognize the 64bit and not anymore other types such as the former WinAmp DSPs. The layout does remind Me to the currently very popular StereoTool.
  8. Be honest please ... You made at your first day December, 17, 2020 ... 11 posts including a "hello" at the introduce section. Just enough posts to reach the mark of 10 posts to be able to request a voice-over. After 10 days (on December, 27) You return to check if anyone has made a reply to Your post. To Our experience that looks as a "grab and run" and is no fun at all to be at someone their service.
  9. Playing the music backwards could be a solution ... If you should do that You would have a real unique online project. However I don't have a clue about the other ways of doing it ...
  10. Hi David, They sound very nice. I love the first edit (Time 1). The voice-over is also awesome to hear
  11. Thats strange ... His YouTube profile shows a complete archive of all his video's ... Try to start at his about section ... https://www.youtube.com/user/rokkproductions/about and after that click the tab "Videos" Ronnie is living at Lafayette - Louisiana 70507
  12. By reading Your current explanation it creates to Me more and more the idea that You are in need for an on demand project. On demand can means 2 things ... The making of song requests by a listener who can be managed in real time Or understood as requesting content by content / product in real time. The setup of the second option don't requires a streaming "radio" project. It can be made at a website where visitors can see and / or hear info about what they are looking for. This can be done by developing a platform at Your website. However at that moment You get near to a podcast. Its my point of view after following and reading all of Your descriptions that podcast can offer You a solution. Yep, way different to radio, but by using a podcast You can reach a target audience. However there are tons of podcasts, both as audio and as video. Positive is that some type of podcasts have their platforms were they are presented to a public. In fact YouTube is about the largest platform for what could be seen as video podcasts ... but at YouTube they call them tutorials. Making a search for a specific subject / topic with the main goal to find the "right" tutorials is sometimes an incredible journey to succeed to find content who is close enough to what people are searching for. We all have the experiences that by watching or listening to a tutorials / podcasts is mostly "themself" talking to a microphone with mostly the result that at the end the viewer / listener has learned ... nothing. A USA contact of Me that I ever first met early 2000 has made a living of it. He has his own website, his professional Facebook profile and his YouTube channel. Check out his channel and see if that is what You are looking for ... https://www.youtube.com/user/rokkproductions/videos Important is that since day 1 he is managing everything by his own ... The making of the content untill the production of each video. Basically he is an artist, made songs etc ... and started at a moment in time real heavy labor at an offshore compagny. The money that he urned has been invested in what he is doing right now. He started the heavy labor after his house was burned down during a fire into his neighbourhood. So he started all over again from scratch and he succeeded so far in what he is doing. I can be wrong, but I get the feeling that my current info offers You some details for what You are looking for.
  13. I just made a reply to some of your questions in Your other thread. If You are living on the road for reason of Your professional life I assume that You have a house / home. The software and database can be on air from Your home and by using Teamviewer or AnyDesk You can access Your pc at home from any place at the World. Most important is that at any time you use a second pc who makes backups in case the main stream pc fails. As written earlier I'm not a tech guy, so the way to manage these things can asked and found to people who have the knowledge. ProppFrexx is for sure one of the best current softwares. The founder has created at their website also a forum who can be very helpfull in the follow up in case You have any problems. I do have ProppFrexx at my place, however I only use it to make my voicetracks who are afterwoulds being uploaded to the server of the FM station were I have my Weekly show. Its for sure a wonderfull piece of software and some (even free) 64bit VST plugins can achieve great results in de stream quality etc. Most of the users are using Stereo Tools to manage the sound output. At the forum of Stereo Tools a lot of their presets can be found to achieve a good untill better sound. If You found a great STS setup file You can tweak it yourself untill You created "Your sound". However its sometimes better to create Your sound with help from some people You know. Stereo Tools gives great results but it ain't easy to tweak all settings in the right way during a first time use.
  14. To make an internetstream successful I see 2 options ... If the stream is related to a FM or AM station who broadcast for a region If the stream is pointed to a certain public who is living in a specific region. However an internetstream has a wide range of listeners, most often people from other regions and countries. Point is, if too much people from outside of the region are listening the commercial impact disappears. So it ain't that easy to create a simultaneous amount of listeners who are listening to "all content" (music & commercials) for reason that many of them are not related with some of the content of the station. What ever some stations publish about their figures of listeners, none of them can tell the real thruth. Why ? Stream stats show the amount of traffic, hits on the stream and the daily listening hours. However many of the hits on a stream are generated by bots who are visiting the stream ... Bots can be part of stream ripper software who only connect to rip a specific song. If Your stream is pointed to a specific public and / or region You can achieve "a public". However "that public" isn't made in one day, one week, neither in one Month ... It takes time. You gonna need a lot of exposure to succeed. What kind of music do they like ? Do they like a back to back playlist if a host is on air ? etc ... Playing commercials in between can mean that some of them disconnect ... unless Your public is trusted with those compagnies. I agree that making radio isn't anymore as it was done in de "golden era" of radio (end 50s, 60s & 70s). Those days, radio had still that thing called the magic of radio ... To be honest, those days are gone. Radio is made on an other level. Too many radio's became a kind of wallpaper. Their genre of music, the lesser talk - the better, and the least interruptions as possible. The range of people who are interesting for a project is an audience between 30 and 45 Years, those who consume, those who have the money to buy things ... However most of them are addicted to platforms such as Spotify for reason that they can play their own choice of music. Sad ... I know, but that's part of the reality. Above the age of 45 untill 65 there are still people who prefer radio as it was known, but they prefer an other style / genre of music. So my conclusion is once again ... You have to make a blueprint of Your general public of the region where You are living. Example : If Your region has 1 Million potential listeners, check how many people are in the age ranges. If they match with Your supposed audience, how much of them are interested in radio. If they are interested in radio, how much of them like a specific genre, or do they like a general CHR format. To achieve that data You gonna need to make a plan, that way You gonna create an insight to what You are willing to achieve. The only way to do this is to set up a survey ... How do You gonna reach all of them so that they can enter their ideas to your survey ? If You can link Your project to an existing business, its gonna be possible to reach some of what "could" be your audience. However the days are gone that so known friends gonna listen to the stream ... Yes, they say We gonna listen, but after 1 day they are back to their common things that they're used to do. What You are willing to achieve is a very difficult exercise between the pro and cons. You have talked already a lot that money isn't a problem ... In fact once Your stream is online, a software license only has a one time cost, the internet upstream is managed by your internet provider (most of them offer these days unlimited traffic) ... and the Monthly royalties ... What gonna be the results of the "cost-benefits' ? If all of the above is managed You can decide to start Your project with the desire to make some money with it. For reason that it is an internet only project a customer can ask to play their commercials more often in a rotation of 12 times or more a day. The costs to the customer of that rotation gonna be not equal to what should be paid on a regular local FM or AM station. The income for You gonna be much lower, however the customer wants a high return. I love Your enthusiasm and Your drive but I'm afraid that You gonna loose some of it during the preparations and / or during the runnin of Your project. Just remind Yourself that the way that people are listening (aka consume) music is way different than lets say 20 Years ago ... Its even worser if You compair it to the world of "real radio" since the 50s untill the 90s. Its not a shame to be a hobbyist. Most of those hobbyists are people with decades of experience in radio and who are willing to bring back a small part of their type of radio. As former professional I know that radio is a very tough world ... Most of them are doing it, but less do succeed. If You have made a plan, lets call it a blueprint of what You are willing to achieve, feel free to share it. At that moment We can give You input and feedback to make it even better, but please don't expect miracles.
  15. Thanks for your reply ! Concerning your quote .... Thats what I was willing to say ... If You do everything by yourself with as target to achieve revenue it gonna be very difficult to get results. Surround yourself with like minded people and check what is possible. If those people match with your basic views on a project start building a project. - Does the format sounds enjoyable ? - Is the imaging pack (aka IDs, stationcalls) a kind of mirror of the format that is played ? - Create a test stream and share it with people into your neighbourhood ... Do not share it with your best friends ... they gonna say that it sounds awesome, but they don't tell You the truth. Best friends are not telling you always the real truth. - Tweak the format if some parts are receiving bad feedback. - If You're willing to make an online project for your own region, target the content to that audience (cfr : age, life style, family or singles etc). - ... ... ... Once most of these things are giving you an insight to your basic ideas add the flavor to it by using scheduled sets with some hosts. Choose to use a host at your primetime hours during the day. The other sections / hours of the day non stop music is most often the best alternative. Non stop can give great results if there are restaurants, pubs etc into the neighbourhood who are in search for specific music. However that restaurant, pub etc can become "a client" if they are convinced of the content. In other words ... "Give some ... take some" !
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