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    I am the Owner of Radio-Cast.info providing the Streaming Services from last 7 years.
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  1. Hi BCW Family what you think what is best and why... WHM Sonic or Centova Cast
  2. This is HTML Custom Player with XML Settings to show the cover and add to the listener...
  3. Hi there i am happy if you want to give me the URL then i let you know for this i can do this Custom Player for you or not... Thanks
  4. This is what i am telling him many time for the line...
  5. Yes we offer Auto with this account our team ans you but we are unable to ans you here is the error come...
  6. Hi there i am getting lots of request related to RADIOCASTER by djsoft how to use encoder here is the small view for you to know how to setup the Encoder for Shoutcast Hosting
  7. Wellcome here in BCW and enjoy the stay with us...
  8. if you are getting any problem regarding to the Account signup or can not get your Account info please send your Email here support@radio-cast.info
  9. Radio Cast Going to Celebrate the 10th Birthday of RADIO-CAST.INFO We are now giving the SHOUTcast v1 64k for free with Unlimited Bandwidth.... More New offer Coming soon for you Guys... More Details Visit on the website... This offer Valid till 24th Jan Radio Cast was founded in 2004, as an online hosting and streaming service provider. At that time, there was virtually no market for online broadcasting, but we saw the potential and were one of the first online streaming service providers, along with our sister company Server Room. http://www.radio-cast.info/
  10. 1)You are Listening Awaz Fans Club With Syed Ali Raza On Radio Awaz 105 FM 2)This is Your Very Own Dj Syed Ali Raza 3)You are Listening In the Mix With Syed Ali Raza On FundaFM If you can add Good Text by your self thats good this is just idea....
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