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    OpenBroadcaster 5.1 Release

    Happy Summer Solstice

    We have made several major updates and public releases of source code to both the player and server code

    You may also want to...
  2. Sound Exchange\SOCAN\NAB Royalty and Reporting

    Hi Hi. I'm adding an open source tool to create properly formated SX reports.

    I've included a screen shot of this tool and a sample xls file. What I am seeking is...
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    I do it a little different. I use obplayer...

    I do it a little different. I use obplayer to create a source for Youtube live channels. I put my youtube key in the OBPlayer dashboard and I am streaming. Through the web interface, I can drag...
  4. Setup an open source broadcast automation system...

    Setup an open source broadcast automation system for streaming and off air TV. Streaming media server, online media library and scheduler with free code
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    I'd expect a mobile HTML5 access to an online...

    I'd expect a mobile HTML5 access to an online media library, drag and drop scheduler, with a permissions matrix that I can assign DJs to times slots. Missing, more standard ways that metadata is...
  6. OpenBroadcaster supports Axia Livewire RTP protocol

    Jan 23, 2018 OpenBroadcaster releases open source software to provide Livewire\RTP support with Axia Audio over IP (AoIP) consoles. This exciting added functionality presents the opportunity to...
  7. If you have a spare computer and some IT skills...

    If you have a spare computer and some IT skills setup a server to manage multiple playout channels. Supports most media types to create a schedule of mixed media, images,...
  8. OpenBroadcaster - Touch Screen Live Assist Automation

    Hi HI,

    Open Source Linux Radio DJ system runs on Mobile HTML5. Radio station in a box.

    How many broadcasters also run complimentary digital signage network(s) to increase revenue? Video?
  9. RadioRob - OpenBroadcaster checking in from Northern Canada

    How did I get here in radio land?

    Back in 1989 1993 I was able to save up and take off with my bicycle and spend a few years travelling around the world, through China, India, South East...
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