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  1. Daily Online Power Hour Contests With Fuse Radio 98

    Step into the realms of the fuse radio 98 radio station and take part in their daily power hour contests, allowing you to win awesome prizes throughout the day. If you are lucky you can win a...
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    Thanks for the help Frank. I've clear my cache...

    Thanks for the help Frank. I've clear my cache but still with the same problem. I'm using the chrome browser. The only other 2 browsers I have on my computer are explorer and firefox, and they are...
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    Win Cruise Tickets Exclusively At KLFA 98 Hits

    I've been on cruise holidays, and they are definitely not cheap! So why not make the most of all the offers and giveaways that are spreading around the internet.

    A great place you may be...
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    The Chat Feature: Silly question

    How does it work??

    I've never seen a chat message system in a forum before.

    I tried to click on the bar that says message...

    But nothing happened.
  5. Now Hits 101 Increases Your Chances of Going to The Bahamas

    If it hasnít reached you through Facebook, Twitter or any of your other social pages, then let me tell you here. Now Hits 101 Cruise Contest is a daily giveaway that gives you a fair number of...
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    Bones bones bones

    Hi there

    Good job on the random questions when registering.

    I failed my first attempt! Haha reminded me of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, when contestants get the first question wrong!
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