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Found 16 results

  1. Hi All, My name is Gregg Kovach. I am the executive director of a dedicated FM station in Indiana. Even though much of what we do is live, at least two-thirds of our broadcast is governed by automation. A founding member of the station by default got us on the air and went with an old automation system called JockeyProLT. We use currently this same automation which has not even in operation nowadays (no updates or customer service). It also will not run on a PC with an OS after XP. Yep, Stone Age. Still, it defined who we are. What we need in our automation, and what JockeyProLT gave us, is that shows ran at the top of the hour. During the period where no show was programmed to play, I had our automation set up to play spots, jingles or promos at regular intervals (15 mins). I also was able - by percentages - to play music by genre. The program had a separate interface built into it called JockBox, which was where I had our show themes, sound effects, etc.. A very unique feature, I have found. I have sustained our system but regard this as existing on borrowed time. One day, we will crash and not have the ability to exist as we did. I want to get out in front of a dire situation by getting something affordable (in the range of 500-1000 dollars) which would do what I require (stated above). Finally, besides myself as the guy who will more or less keep the system up-to-date, the end user - a live DJ - should be able to use it without fear of being overwhelmed. I am hoping someone can guide me or likewise point me in the direction of a user-friendly automation software for a low budget radio station. I appreciate any help anyone can offer. www.wvlp.org 219-476-9000 (office) 219-707-3062 (cell) info@wvlp.org
  2. What features do you expect from cloud radio automation systems? If you already use cloud automation, what features are missing there, what should be made better, or easier to use?
  3. I'm currently running an internet station that uses Centova Cast for the automation. I have been asked to set up a near-field FM radio station for a large event. The event producer would like to have commercials and announcements scattered in between the music. I am primarily Mac based, but I could get access to a Windows machine if I absolutely have no other option. All I'm really looking for is simple, cheap automation software that will play music in a playlist and fire off a commercial or 2 at regular intervals. Is there anything like that and that isn't too pricey? Currently I'm considering just using iTunes and manually setting commercials within the playlist, but I'd like something a little more automatic. Any ideas?
  4. I am a new user of SAM Broadcaster and I am experimenting with the automation. This is my 3 playlist rotation programming idea: I have one playlist called "TOP 20" that has my Top 20 newest and best songs. I have a second playlist called "Top 40" that has my Top 40 songs. (Those that have exhausted the Top 20 and/or are not the "BEST of the BEST") I have a third playlist called "GOLD" that has 1200 great songs. I want SAM to play one song from the 1st playlist, then one song from the 2nd playlist, then one song from the third playlist. Without repeating any songs until the playlists are each exhausted. Essentially estimating it will repeat songs from the 1st playlist more (every 4 hours EST) 2nd playlist (every 8 hours) and from the third every few days or weeks. etc. So I have it set to play least played and do not repeat accordingly. Is this the correct way to accomplish this? I feel I am doing something wrong. The problem arises when I add any new music. I would have to reset the play counts or else it will screw up the rotation. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello! Please, I can't find this software from this photos.Please, if you know it, answer! Thank you very much if you can help me! If you want to see this software more, watch here from minute 8 or something:
  6. We just released a beta version of RadioBOSS Radio Automation Software! Everyone's invited to join beta testing. Free keys for beta testers (*) RadioBOSS 4.9 beta: http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3326.0.html Don't know what RadioBOSS is? Watch this short (1:30) video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CaZxKHaa24g (*) keys will expire July 30, 2013.
  7. Hello I would like some feedback on a very easy to use Internet Radio Automation software. goto www.nextkast.com to download and view the quick start video. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on what is missing to make this a simple internet radio automation winner. The software is very simple and does not use any database system. You can hear it in action at www.saDanceRadio.com. Thanks Winston Potgieter - Developer www.nextKast.com
  8. Hi all, Airtime 2.2, the free open source radio software from Sourcefabric is out now. Here's a quick summary of what you can expect. For those of you not comfortable installing on a GNU/Linux server, Airtime Pro might be worth a look. There's a 30 day free trial - same functionality, takes care of install, security, updates and so on. Four live modes now exist in Airtime. DJs can rebroadcast incoming streams managed by a source switcher which manually, or automatically, connects to the correct source (and fades between them). Users can configure remote live input streams from DJ programs such as Mixxx or IDJC, or smartphone applications used by broadcast journalists. Additionally, they can schedule these streams in the calendar, or schedule a ‘live’ show which records from the computer’s line-in. Requested by users more than any other feature, the new Smart Blocks let users enter parameters (like genre or time last played) for a playlist and Airtime will populate that block randomly according to those conditions, before playing it out at an allotted time. The library has also been overhauled, with huge performance increases on import and improved search. Users can also drag and drop tracks directly from the library into the Now Playing list to instantly edit playout on-the-fly. Amongst 500 bug fixes and improvements, other new features include: WAV, FLAC and AAC support, plus ReplayGain to normalize volume output. User ownership of files to help stations with multiple DJs Rescan watched folders button (useful for network drives where keeping in sync is more difficult). Stereo/mono streams. Huge thanks to the growing Airtime community for testing and suggesting new features. Airtime now has hundreds of users worldwide, we couldn't do this without them! Best, Adam [h=3]Resources[/h]Download free: http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/airtime/download/ Read the manual: http://en.flossmanuals.net/airtime-en-2-2/easy-setup/ Check out all the features: http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/airtime/features/ Screencast guide to Airtime 2.2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbhsjNoK3_o
  9. Dear all, Airtime Pro is a hosted version of Sourcefabric's award-winning, open source radio automation software and we're pleased to offer you the chance to check it out, no-risk, for free. Airtime Pro is cloud-hosted, comes with free email, livechat and forum support and has a range of streaming add-ons. Icecast and SHOUTcast integration is standard, and Airtime Pro also offers automatic upload to SoundCloud (and an amazing 30% off the standard SoundCloud audio hosting price). The free trial lasts for 30 days, cancel before this and we'll delete your account, no questions asked! If you've any questions, you can chat with our support team live on the Airtime Pro site (or post them here!). See you there! Best wishes, Adam
  10. Hi everyone, Been lurking around here off and on for over a year and figured it's time to come out of the shadows (creepy I know). My fiance and I used to do radio via Blog Talk Radio but knew that at some point we would want to be more independent. However, in that independence (from what I can see) we will have to depend on some type of '-cast' hosting (Shoutcast, Icecast whatever). I have Direttore Pro which I like but in order to stream it needs Winamp running in the background (which I don't like). I also have Broadwave (paid) and an Alesis mixer to be able to use Skype (just so you know what I have on hand that might be of use). So, say I wanted to use a Go Daddy streaming sever (not really just as an example), what would be my options for automation and streaming that did not involve Shoutcast, Outcast or any other -cast? Even if I have to use Winamp would I have any other options to get my stream to the net? I have also tried SAM, which I like but it is not going to be in the budget anytime soon. Thanks in advance and I have really enjoyed the forum thus far. Hope that at some point I have something valuable to add.
  11. Ever want SAM to combine a bunch of WAV files to play or open a ShoutCast server on-the-fly? AutoShell makes that happen. How does it work? It is a program that sits on your desktop waiting for communication from PAL. PAL sends it a command and then it replies to PAL to tell it if the command was successful or not. Simple enough! http://www.nexmix.com/images/autoshell.jpg AutoShell Interface With SAM 4.9.6 Configuration is easy, the hardest part is writing the PAL script. ;) Need proof? Listen to StudioHits (http://www.studiohits.com/listen/) on the :00 and :30 and you'll hear timed announcements, this is all ran by AutoShell! Cost? HAH! No cost at all. If you want to donate, please Paypal me via this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=9FTTHR9ZPMFJJ Download: http://www.nexmix.com/files/AutoShell_1_0.zip Version 1.0: Initial Release .NET Program External executables go into the App Directory Allow for special Pass Key so no random injections Hide Command Window on Execute (You'll want to Show while debugging PAL scripts) Here is a PAL example, it shows you how to connect to AutoShell: { Description This PAL script is configured to send data to AutoShell. Made by Chris "Kewl" Haslage } PAL.LockExecution; //=============================================================================== // Settings - Change these as required //=============================================================================== var URL : String = ''; var PASS_KEY : String = '0000'; // Auto Generated in AutoShell var START_CHAR : String = '?'; // Default Value is ? var SEPARATOR : String = '|'; // Default Value is | var END_CHAR : String = '^'; // Default Value is ^ //=============================================================================== // CODE BELOW LINE //=============================================================================== var postResult : String = WebToStr (URL + START_CHAR + PASS_KEY + SEPARATOR + 'command #1' + SEPARATOR + 'command #2' + SEPARATOR + 'pause' + END_CHAR); WriteLn('Post Status: ['+postResult+']'); // OK is good / ERR is bad if (postResult = 'OK') then Begin {Good Code Goes Here} End Else WriteLn('An error with AutoShell has occured.'); PAL.UnlockExecution; PAL.WaitForPlayCount(1); PAL.Loop := true;Enjoy and share your creations!
  12. Hi all, Airtime 1.9.5 has just been released. It comes with an 'easy install' package that sets up a quick configuration without the need to enter any settings. Airtime 1.9.5 is, as always, free to download, runs on Ubuntu and Debian, and users can interact with it through any web browser. More details over at http://sourcefabric.org/en/airtime/release/803. Hope this is of interest! Best wishes, Adam
  13. Cloud DJ is a revolutionary new radio automation tool, that runs entirely from the cloud! Unlike other Auto DJ systems, it provides a powerful desktop-like radio control experience... Tag your music: Create dynamic playlists with ease, high degree of control over your stations output! Scheduled playlists: Control your schedule so listeners hear a clearly programmed experience Quick upload via FTP: Upload multiple files at once easily to the cloud using FTP Live DJ switchover: No more loosing listeners when switching from automated to live. DJs connect directly via Cloud DJ to prevent listeners from dropping - they just hear a clean crossfade! Website request widget: Automate requests from your listeners and create an interactive radio experience for them Plus More! Great features like crossfading between tracks, SHOUTcast v1 and v2 supported, Live dashboard showing whats on air now, whats due next, drag and drop play list builder to name but a few! Visit our site to find out more! http://www.wavestreaming.com/cloud-dj Want to see how everything works before you buy? Check out our full video training series! http://www.wavestreaming.com/resources/cloud-dj-setup
  14. Hello , I was hopping to find a solution for this scenario , on my SAM I would like to clear the queue at each TOTH , announce the current time, play this one of BBC's international hourly news update. I know PAL script should be able to accommodate that I am just not not that savvy with the code.any help will be greatly appreciate it. the BBC hourly news that I am talking about can be heard at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/pashto/institutional/2010/03/000000_on_the_hour_news.shtml no stream or MP3 is available as far as i Know.
  15. I'm the station manager of my university's internet radio station, and we're looking for a more stable automation solution. We're currently using SAM 3.7.1 with MySQL. We're dealing with freezing/dead air more than once a week currently. We're supposed to stream 24/7. Budget: $2000 What I need: RELIABILITY Shoutcast streaming Clock scheduling Easy interface for stopping and starting the automation for our live DJs Easy sweeper integration Support for large library (10k+ songs) Listener statistics Support for lengthy audio elements (more than half an hour) I'm not opposed to sticking with SAM if that's the best option, but at this point I think that it's in my best interest to start again from scratch.
  16. Hi everyone, This is my first post here, so I'd like to be totally transparent and introduce who I am and why I'm posting. Hope that's okay! My name's Adam, and I'm part of the Airtime team at Sourcefabric. Airtime is a free, open source radio automation software that we launched earlier this year (we just released version 1.8.2). Sourcefabric is a non-profit organisation that supports independent journalism through open source tools and support. The reason for my post is to get feedback on our software - we're in the early stages of development and would love for suggestions to come in from the wider radio community. We work in some pretty amazing and often remote parts of the world building radio solutions for free media, but we also want our software to serve more traditional broadcasting models and organisations. Getting great feedback at this early stage is really important to us, and I'm hoping I can harness some of the great experience in this forum. I really hope this isn't viewed as marketing or spam - I've got a genuine interest in opening up a dialogue between radio technicians/makers and our development team to try and build something that can benefit everyone. So... here goes.... we'd be thrilled if you'd check out Airtime and contribute in anyway you can - feedback, feature suggestions, bug reports - either here or in our forums. The information about the latest release, plus links to an intro video, download and demo can be found at sourcefabric.org. Thanks for listening!
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