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Found 8 results

  1. [TABLE=width: 99%, align: left] [TR] [TD=width: 1%][/TD] [TD]Hi, I make music videos for a living, using dslr camera's. I want to expand to a few new gig's such as broadcasting a live event... we will only have one camera and 4 tv's and evertything will be connected by a Teradek BOLT. My question is.... when i stream from my dslr VIA a hdmi to a tv on my tv screen I have all the settings on the screen from my menu.. ISO, Fstop, Battery life, etc etc.... I called cannon and they said my camera can not stream with out anything on the screen... I was able to take everything away expect the focal rings.. so on the TV you would see all the Focal Points.. so i am going to get a broadcasting camera for this GIG... what camera should i get that is able to stream live video with out any of these settings info on the sides... is it just dslr's that have this problem? is this a easy fix with a high quality broadcasting camera? is it in the settings to turn this stuff off?? I still dont know what camera to get either so if you have any ideas i would be happy to know.. thank you very very much for your time and help[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  2. Just a quick hello to everyone. Coming to you from Seattle. Hoping to gain some valuable insight, perhaps share my ideas and thoughts. Been a DJ for a long time, and am hoping to rekindle my passion for broadcasting, sound design, and production. Cheers!
  3. Hello from Mumbai, I have been following this forum for a while now and today decided to join today. I have to say, some of the posts are really informative and insightful. I hope to seek your guidance as far as my career is concerned. I am an engineer by education. I have been working with a webcasting solution provider since last 3 years. I took this job out of curiosity as there aren't many live streaming companies in India/Mumbai. My job involves on-site execution and I have executed around 400 shows/events over last 3 years. Now due to circumstances and lack of vision from the management, I am thinking of moving on. But this is where it gets tricky. I am somehow not able to anticipate the next move. I am not sure about joining any other of competitor because of my company is quite ahead of the rest. I am not exactly able to explore other options when it comes to broadcasting/streaming because it is an emerging field in India and as of now, not many people are aware of it. Can you suggest me alternatives? Having done CCNA and CCNP (only routing), I am familiar with networking basics. I have worked with Wowza, Akamai, Windows Server 2008, Wirecast etc though I am not much into 'coding'. Lots of you guys here are experts and I hope you can give me your two cents. Be it about any professional/post graduation course or any technology because there is serious lack of resources in India as far as this broadcasting/live streaming is concerned. Awaiting your response. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I am an engineer from Mumbai. I was trying to pursue my career in the field of networking. When I was a fresher, I had couple of offers. One of them was from a Webcasting/Live Streaming company. In India, Live Streaming was comparatively obscure field back (and still is) then specially for a fresher like me. I as open to learning new technologies as long as it was related to networking and I accepted that offer. I've been working for the same firm since last couple of years. After executing more than 200 Live Streaming events, it's getting monotonous now and it feels my career is not going anywhere. I am not getting to learn about technology in detail because maybe there aren't enough resources available in India or maybe I'm not trying hard enough. Somehow I am not able to figure it out. In India, due to lack of sufficient bandwidth, streaming companies are in demand but when in future when that issue is resolved, I'm not sure how many companies will hold up. I know broadcasting/video technology is already a huge deal and it is next big thing. But I am not sure about how to jump to the next stage. As I said before, here in India, there aren't sufficient resources available as far as broadcasting/internet video is concerned compared to computer networking or servers. I am trying to find out about courses to facilitate but I'm not able to find sufficient information. I was hoping if at least some of you can assist me with your two cents. Be it information about any course in foreign university or pointing out my miscalculation. At my stage, will pursuing career in broadcasting be a good choice? If yes, is just experience good enough or should I go for any post graduation? Any suggestion/criticism is welcome. Waiting for your responses. Thanks!
  5. I poasted this B4 but I was told it was in the wrong place, hope this is the place for it. If not can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks 1 Love Can I get someone to record for me any of the below station sweeper / drop. Thanks in advance Dj 1 Love A-BIG-Hitz-Radio Hip Hop and RnB in your ear 24/7 (echo or pan the 24/7) A-BIG-Hitz-Radio A-BIG-Hitz-Radio Music just the way you like it, HOT and LOUD. A-BIG-Hitz-Radio More music less commercials, now aback to the music.
  6. Hey Guys i'm kind of in a bad situation!s Today I was DJing on a live fan site for habbo and I was happily playing along with my music and speaking but then something bad happened, my audio wasn't working! I know it wasn't my pc because every other audio is working fine except Sam I need help I cant speak on it I cant play music it just stays in one spot! PLEASE HELP ME!​
  7. So we have opened a new net-based station (for now till listenership shows then we make the move to FM) called F-150 Country. We are currently looking for airstaff to fill time slots. All positions are voluntary until we can get advertising sold and bring in a profit, so eventually our air-staff will make money. We are also accepting syndicated programming as well. What we ask: - Presenters must be 18+ - Presenters must have a professional attitude and run there show's as such. - This is a commercial station so you must be able to run commercials and jingles at specified times during your air-shift. - Presenters must check in 10-15 minutes prior to air-shift and initial time of broadcast. - Presenters must be able to answer phone calls on a dedicated VoIP based telephone system (provided). - Presenters are allowed their own personal endorsements from viable corporations (There is a 70-30 split, house takes 30%) - Presenters must have a Broadcast quality microphone or equivalent headset. (Mixers and XLR mics are preferred but we're not going to be to picky.) This is a family oriented radio station. Cursing on air is strictly prohibited. We run on a 3 strike rule. 1st strike entails a sit down, 2nd strike entails a 1 week suspension, 3rd strike is total termination without possibility of re-employment. We are located in Seattle WA, so all times will run Pacific Standard/Daylight time. So if you feel you are right for this position. Please leave a comment with your name, email, and age (we will be verifying due to legalities.) Send your air-check to joshua.mcmurchie@leafpilebroadcasting.com Hope to hear from you soon!
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