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Found 10 results

  1. Just signed up on BW & feels like home already! I'm new also to NextKast where I'll be broadcasting live. I am especially interested in 2 areas at the moment. 1 is how to setup an external 7.1 sound card so that I may monitor my mic breaks & music without delay or feed back while at the same time recording an archive, and 2 what are the best settings of the NextKast 'Radio CMP' so that it's not over compressing (which I feel the default does to an extent). If you can point me to threads, I'd be MUCH obliged! Thanks in advance
  2. We have been working with broadcasters large and small over the last couple of years to improve our software and make it easier to use. Version 3.75 is now posted on http://www.nextkast.com for larger music libraries we have increased load time 10X Voice Tracking has been refined More Tutorial Videos on nextKast site Adjustable audio attenuation when mic or voicetrack is active Lots of other improvements Please contact me with suggestions etc.. here is a featured super short list of stations automated by nextKast: http://www.nextkast.com/about.html Thanks Winston Potgieter
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been busy adding requested features to nextKast in the last few months. I am looking for a few testers to try the new version and report bugs and give me feedback. new features include: Choice of original rotation based operation or playlist generation Simple voice tracking (vt editor) Live recording of shows faster song picking Line in / VOIP call on air External rotation editor user adjustable DSP settings .wav file support scheduling to the minute and more... Please email me directly @ wp@nextkast.com if you are interested in testing Thanks
  4. Hello BW, Just wanted to let you know we have a new version of nextKast posted and we also refreshed our website. Our website is www.nextkast.com. Thanks for checking it out.
  5. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to let you know I have been spending a lot of time working on Nextkast. There is now a built in feedback system so you can easily send me your comments and suggestion. the screen pops up when you close the demo version of Nextkast. More info and download at www.nextkast.com. Features added in the last few weeks include: Top Of The Hour Setting, Auto to Manual Bug Fixes, Playlist Builder better drag and drop, Added F12 keyboard shortcut for Mic Button, Added Send Mic directly to Encoder Feature, Ability to disable disconnection beep, Fixed Midnight Schedules, remember Windows Mixer mic volume, Mic Light when minimize bug, Delete Voicetrack and Schedule Assignments Hope this is informational.. just wanted to let people know.
  6. Hello BW, Just wanted to let you know we have are working on Nextkast Daily. I am posting updates weekly and sometimes more often based on customer feedback and testing. We would love to hear constructive criticism or suggestions on what you like and don't like about the software. You can download a fully functional version that will run for 346 total hours with no limitations. I am also offering 1 hour phone support ( month of July ONLY) if you would like to try it and have some questions or need support. Thanks Winston Potgieter 210-286-2975 http://www.nextkast.com
  7. Hello, Just wanted to let you guys/girls know that I have created two more videos on the operation of nextKast internet radio automation software, they are listed at the bottom of this page.. http://www.nextkast.com/help.html I have also spent allot of time the last few weeks working on bugs etc, and a new version is now posted. I hope you find this usefull Thanks WP
  8. Hello Everyone, I need help finding a bug that djGaryBaldy has posted on his blog. I have tested this on all machines I can find and Have not heard a confirmation from any other customers, over 100 downloads per week, that this occurs. Of course I also have not recieved any communcation from djGarybaldy. Here is the link to djGarybaldys claim about the bug. He claims the software will not even start and comes up with a message right after install. The post is titled "New Nextkast …… Again No Thanks!", here is the link:http://djgarybaldy.co.uk/?s=nextkast If everyone that has time could just try to install nextkast and see if you get the message on startup that would be great. You can download nextkast from www.nextkast.com Any help finding this bug would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hello Everyone, First I would like to again thank everyone on this forum for ALL the great feedback. It is with your help that I am able to add features you guys would like and need. Since a few months ago here is what has changed: 1. Added the ability to run up to 6 encoders 2. Added aac+ encoding option 3. Added the ability to schedule and play Simulcasts using the .pls 4. Refined the playlist import 5. Fixed bugs 6. Improved performance I am always open to ideas, so give it a try and send me some feedback. I am also looking for a few more BETA testers, entitles you to a free copy, but it MUST run a station 24/7. Download at www.nextkast.com
  10. Hello I would like some feedback on a very easy to use Internet Radio Automation software. goto www.nextkast.com to download and view the quick start video. Let me know your thoughts and ideas on what is missing to make this a simple internet radio automation winner. The software is very simple and does not use any database system. You can hear it in action at www.saDanceRadio.com. Thanks Winston Potgieter - Developer www.nextKast.com
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