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Found 6 results

  1. hey all thanks for all the views on previous threads. I decided to use Radio Boss instead of Zara. Right now I am having a crazy issue and I am not sure if its radio boss or my sound board. I submitted a ticket for help from Radio Boss yesterday but they have yet to get back to me. Problem. Radio boss is playing all my music as if the mic button is depressed even though it is not. Every word said at all times is being picked up by the mic unless I have the mute button depressed. The music is to quiet due to radio boss thinking the button is depressed. My soundboard is a Profx8V2. I used a youtube video to get it hooked up and make sure everything works. I have radio boss set to [WASAPI] microphone (usb audio codec) This is how the video said to set it up and it works great. The next thing that was set was the broadcast console was also set to the same settings so that the music could be controlled through the soundboard. As a side note the voice that comes through the mic has an echo. Can anyone help me trouble shoot this? Also would anyone be willing to call me so that this can get fixed rather than message try it reply wait get reply try it rereply wait. You know the routine. Thank you
  2. RadioBOSS 5.0 beta version is now available for testing. New version has a lot of new features and improvements: * AUX Playlists (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3) * Third work zone. It can host AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3). * Automatic Fillers to launch events at the exact time without track interruption * Play an intro file when broadcasting encoder connected * Podcast playback (check "Podcast" when adding a URL) * Two default UI color schemes (dark/silver) * Ability to load/save cart walls to a file * OPUS broadcasting and playback * A lot of improvements in File Types (custom titles, disable crossfading etc) * Improvements in all modules: Advertisement Scheduler, Playlist Generator Pro, Report Generator, ... * and much, much more! For more information and to get a free beta tester key, please visit http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3543.0.html Free beta tester keys are valid till January 30, 2014. Enjoy.
  3. If you need a simple, affordable, reliable solution to automating your broadcasting needs, RadioBOSS is the solution you've been looking for. Updates and news regarding RadioBOSS software will be posted here. This thread is monitored by RadioBOSS developers and support staff. Feel free to ask any questions regarding our software here, we'll be happy to answer your inquiries.
  4. We just released a beta version of RadioBOSS Radio Automation Software! Everyone's invited to join beta testing. Free keys for beta testers (*) RadioBOSS 4.9 beta: http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,3326.0.html Don't know what RadioBOSS is? Watch this short (1:30) video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CaZxKHaa24g (*) keys will expire July 30, 2013.
  5. Hi everyone! Currently we're running a public beta test of a new RadioBOSS version: http://www.djsoft.net/smf/index.php/topic,2752.msg7769.html Free beta tester keys for RadioBOSS radio automation software are available. If you just need a key and don't want to follow the link I posted above - just drop an e-mail to sales@djsoft.net with subject "RadioBOSS 4.7 beta". Free keys will work till June 30, 2012. Anyone who provide a valuable feedback, such as bug report, feature request etc - will get a substantial discount. Regarding beta version quality: it's pretty stable and several people already using it in production
  6. Hello community, glad to be here I'm trying to build an Automated Radio Station and i 've almost end up between 2 softwares. RadioBoss and StationPlaylist Creator. RadioBoss is a great solution and i'm in love with it's scheduler. So simple in usage, has everything i need, is just perfect. But my bigest problem is that can not auto generate playlists according to basic multiple metadata info such as Genre, Mood and then Styles, Year, Multiple Genres. So i was trying to find an external application to do that work and StationPlaylist Creator came. I worked a bit but i couldnt figure out how on earth this Categories File Wizard works. Really, i just dont get it. This wizard, add files from a folder according to Genre, Mood, Year, Rating, BPM, Tempo, Energy, Gender, Comment, which is MUCH more from what i was asking and seems like a divine solution for me! But since is more than great, it was obvious that i would have loads of problems to make it work. So problems are : Genre : I'm trying to put more than one genre ie: House,Progressive,etc and then i tick Partial Match. Wizard can NOT Find ANY file even if the only citeria is Genre.It seems that it works with just one Genre thought, but what's the point of the Partial Match box? I obviously i tired more combinations but still nothing. Am i doing something wrong? And what is that? How it works? So i then tried the Mood choice. i put melow,rain,etc and same thing happens. Wizard cant find any file again. Then i'm trying to work with BPM. And that's kinda funny here. It has 2 fields. "BPM" and "To". But whatever i type on bpm, comes at the "To" field. So i can't put something such as "BPM" 80 "To" 120. So hopefully im doing something wrong aswell here or there is a bug. Same thing happens at Year. I dont even imagine what will happen if i will try to fill every field and make it like that : Genre : Electronic,Downtempo Mood : Drive,Rain Year : 2009 to 201 Rating : 6 To 10 Tempo : Slow Medium Comment : Morning And thats exactly what i needs :/ PLEASE, im begging for help! Im trying for months now to make that project real and im desperate! If though, there is any other solution for Automated Radio Station, please advice me. Regards and sorry for my bad english
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