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Found 5 results

  1. Hello!I am new to sam broadcaster and i am looking for a very simple pal script. I have a category named "Tracks" and a category named "Ads". What i want to do: Play from cat "Tracks" 10 songs with "the least played artist rule" and then 1 ad from cat "Ads". Then,play another 10 songs with "the least played artist rule" and then 1 ad from cat "Ads". and repeat all the time this. Nothing else like volume,decks,song info....Only this simple loop. Have in mind that i have the option "keep 5 songs in the queue" because with 0 songs in the queue after some time i get an error like that: " there is no song in the queue an after 20 tries" it stops autodj an turn to queue
  2. I have been searching on google for a free song request php script for my site. Ended up empty handed ☹️ As I don't know mysql, I need this script to be in php & non-mysql I hope someone can help me out Please let me know if anyone can make one for me. Thank you in advanced
  3. I need help writing Sam PAL scripts for Monday thru Friday 6 to 8 am first genre 8 to 11 normal rotation 11 to 2 second genre 2 to 5 normal rotation 5 to 11 live shows (I will break down the time for the live shows) 11 to 6 normal rotation
  4. Been having a problem where Apache is restarting at 4am every day, which I haven't got to the bottom of, and I'm not really bothered about since it's starting up again fine. However, as my web interface starts sc_serv under the users account, the apache restart is also killing off any processes owned by that user (And I don't want to have to be up at 4am to restart Shoutcast. There were no particular scripts around that would fit the bill (that were easily found on google), so I've cobbled one together that I thought I'd share. #!/bin/sh PORT="8000" PROCESS=`netstat -tulpn | grep :$PORT` if [ "$PROCESS" = "" ] then # Not found - start process ./sc_serv 8000.conf & echo "Shoutcast on port $PORT started at $(date)" >>/home/results.txt else # Found it - don't do anything echo "" fi If you don't know what to do with the script, or how to get it to run automatically check out my full post http://monkeypigs.com/blog/auto-restarting-shoutcast-1-9-8/
  5. I don't really know what should i do. I want to change the image in the main page based on who logged in. In order to see my listeners who's DJ is currently on-air. But i don't know what to do. All i have is a DJ Log-in. After that i don't know the next step. :( EDIT: Here's my site: http://radyomofm.co.cc/ By the way, I'm a Filipino. My radio is running through Ustream. Thanks in advance guys! Godbless!
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