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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, Need a voiceover with some FX on it for my live facebook please The script should just like this : THIS IS ...... MONDAY FUNDAY Thank you b4, really appreciate it.
  2. Hey Everyone, I hope you are well. i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to do a dry voiceover for me. male preferred if possible but will not mind female. all i need is a simple reading of this script below. it's chappers with the old... school & anthems and that is it nothing else required just a simple dry voice of that being created your thanks and support will be shown and appreciated Adam from AC Music Entertainment
  3. Hi there, I am looking for a female voice over (dry read) for an animated motion graphic trailer for the upcoming novel The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein. American accents are preferred. The script is as follows. "Early in the morning on the first of June I rode the A train from West 4th Street to JFK airport" and "We hunted the Midnight Sun and found it behind each mountain. Over every pond and fjord. We wanted to get somehow closer to it. As close as possible." Feel free to email auditions to ja.deklerk@hotmail.com! I need the voiceover by the 19th of April latest. Many thanks, Jonty de Klerk
  4. Hi There A new year and the start of a new package of effects comes to the Air Media website this month in 2013 Glitch FX 2 is the follow up to the first edition Glitch FX. 50 new cuts for radio station imaging and voice over sweepers. But as usual RD get a free sample Best Of FX is a collection of 50 of the best Effects from many of the radio imaging effects on our website. Yeah we dug out a lot of the fx and put together 50 of the in a new pack. FREE FX is a collection of 15 in a package on the website. Feel free to grab them either from this website or the Air Media website. Alistair Air Media Best.mp3 Free Glitch FX.mp3
  5. Hi guys, I need this voiceover please: "Dancefloor on stage!" Thanks for the help guys!
  6. Heyy everyone, I need a jingle for my station, the music genre is basically hits (so artists like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna e.t.c) The station name is Horizon FM and you can decide whatever you want to put in the jingle. I would prefer if artist ID's are in the voice over so here are some I found from another post http://www.2shared.com/file/AGuWX4Ql/Artist_Drops.html?cau2=403tNull It would be grateful if anyone can make one Thanks
  7. I am looking for a vioce over ladies and gentlemen are you ready to party (dry) Are you ready to dance all night long (dry) eveyone give it up for the one and only DjBlueArrow(dry) P.S. hopefully they wont close it again:) ty for your time
  8. I have rejoined a small online station called MyRock Radio. Can anyone provide some Voice Over/stab samples saying "My Rock Radio" "My Rock Radio.com" "My Rock Radio, Less Talk.. More Rock" Looking for a big voice as its a Rock station :-) These can be watermarked, and you can let me know price per VO :-) Thank you.
  9. Hello, please, someone could record a voiceover: "The best sound for you. Radio Net Music!"
  10. Hi, could someone record for me this short text? "This is your station! Net Music. The number one in Brazil." I wait reply. Thanks.
  11. Hello, can I get a soft voiceover saying "Kid Richie" and it can either be male or female . Thanks
  12. Hey, I am new to the site, so fogive me if I post in the wrong place. Can anyone on here do a radio stab for my online station? Its called Hard Rock Radio So I'm just looking for something saying "Hard Rock Radio" then "Hardrockradio.co.uk" Thanks in Advance ;-)
  13. I am looking for a vioce over ladies and gentlemen are you ready to party (dry) Are you ready to dance all night long (dry) eveyone give it up for the one and only DjBlueArrow(dry)
  14. I am looking for a female voice over to say ladies and gentlemen are you ready to party (dry) Are you ready to dance all night long (dry) eveyone give it up for the one and only DjBlueArrow(dry)
  15. Hello everyone! I am looking for some voice overs for my new podcast called 'The Ninety Five Show' I want to use some sweepers and jingles to make it more professional. I'll be happy if someone could help me with this! For my podcast, I need the following Text lines: ''Ninety Five Presents, The Ninety Five Show'' ''The Ninety Five Show'' ''Your Personal Favorite's (One, Two, Three)'' ''Get ready, for this episode's guest mix'' ''You are listening, to the Ninety Five Show'' Again, I really appreciate it if someone could do this for me! If you any question, just ask me. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Miguel
  16. IF DO YOU NEED A VOICE CONTACT ME supernovadigital@hotmail.comDEMO JAVIER GAMBOA REEL CINE.mp3
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