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    New Station Imaging Needed!

    Dance Hit Radio is a dance formatted internet radio station. We have been streaming for over 6 years now and have over 12,000 daily listeners. Our current imaging is great, but is loosing it's flavor as we have been using it for so long. I am going to post our script below. If you have the RIGHT voice and production skills this is your chance to make some good money, hit us up with samples.

    Here's another one of your favorite Dance Hits on your #1 Party Authority Dance Hit Radio!
    From the East Coast to The West Coast and everything in between, We are Dance Hit Radio!
    Keep up with Dance Hit Radio on Facebook! Just search for us and become a fan today!
    Back to the music faster, Dance Hit Radio! More Music, Less Commercials!
    The Morning Mashup- Four Hours of The Most Music in The Morning! 7-11 Mornings On Dance Hit Radio!
    You're waking up with the Dance Hit Radio Morning Mashup, Only on Your #1 Party Authority, Dance Hit Radio!
    The Most Music in The Morning, The Dance Hit Radio Morning Mashup.
    More Dance Hit Radio music in 60 seconds or less!
    The new Dance Hit Radio is playing today's Dance Hits!
    More of today's Dance Hits, NOW. The all new Dance Hit Radio, Your #1 Party Authority!
    Dance Hit Radio is keeping you upbeat with more dance hits!
    Your source for today's dance hits is, Dance Hit Radio!
    Energize your workday with Dance Hit Radio, Your Number One Party Authority!
    Don't touch that mouse, you don't know where its been!
    You take control, request your favorite song now, 312-572-9037, Dance Hit Radio, Your Party Authority!, Chicago, Illinois- You've been voting all hour for this hours most requested song @ 312-572-9037, Dance Hit Radio, A Division of!

    Simply More Dance Music than you're used to, Dance Hit Radio, Your #1 Party Authority!

    The Afternoon Drive with Ricky, Noon- 4 Central on Your #1 Party Authority, Dance Hit Radio.

    The best mix of Today's Dance Hits,, Dance Hit Radio!

    This is the new sound of Your #1 Party Authority, Dance Hit Radio!

    Yeah, You have an iPod, But when was the last time you were the 7th caller to your iPod and won $1,000 in cold hard cash? Yeah, that's what we thought. Dance Hit Radio, Your #1 Party Authority!

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    You would think with 12,000 listeners daily you would be making good money with contributions.

    I can see asking for a few free liners, but bud, you are way over the top.
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    Similar requests can be made into the "donation" section at :
    Please notice that if you pay for the work, you have to say how much you wanna spend to one or more reads

    The content/text you currently wrote can't be done for free
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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