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    Red face Why does your voice sound different on a recording?

    This is great information for anyone who uses fold-backs or headphones when broadcasting live.

    "The first is through vibrating sound waves hitting your ear drum, the way other people hear your voice. The second way is through vibrations inside your skull set off by your vocal chords. Those vibrations travel up through your bony skull and again set the ear drum vibrating. However as they travel through the bone they spread out and lower in pitch, giving you a false sense of bass. Then when you hear a recording of your voice, it sounds distinctly higher."
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    Thumbs up for sharing this !

    For those reasons I always used my headphone on top of one ear (right) and half on the other ear (left)

    The reason is, that by doing this a user can keep control on his / her natural voice
    and the user / broadcaster / host gonna speak that way "less loud"
    With a headphone many people make the huge mistake to start talking louder - whatever the volume of the headphone is set to normal or higher

    By using the way I've done it since decades (and I'm not the only one), the user creates also "no delay" between voice > mic > mixer > headphone (its a matter of milliseconds aka ms)
    and it creates "control" on the own voice
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