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    I was somewhat a little broken hearted to see it go. Actually really broken up. I had a lot of loyalty ( and still do) to Brandon and John. Not just because of the fact that they have lead the charge in Washington against the equality for hobby broadcasters, but because of the fact they have always and first had the philosiphy," Lead the royalty battles to us, you guys just keep streaming nd do what your paying to do, enjoying a hobby."

    I was actually very pleased with post-loudcaster loudcity, even though I still liked loudcasters platform, and thought Brandon had outdid himself.

    BUT, on that same token, I would never judge anyone that wants to get out of the streaming media industry, its hit and miss. Everyone knows where radio stands currently at the end of the day, and you really got to share an experience to hold listener loyalty and ends meat.

    Thanks Loudcity and staff for everything done. No hard feelings here, and it has been a hell of an experience. / 89.1 FM San Diego

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    Heading there now to switch


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