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    Any help and guidance would be appreciated, stumbling through the dark here.
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    what does everyone think of my new work

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJFreaky View Post

    Looked over your site. A few things I'd do:

    Site responsiveness on mobile devices:

    This is VERY important these days, as fully half of all web surfers use some kind of mobile device at least occasionally. You site should display properly on all of them. Go to and type in your site URL in the space provided to see how YOUR site looks on mobile devices. Then type in MY website url ( to see the big difference.

    Font Colors:

    If you are going with a busy background image, I'd go with bright light colors so that they remain visible as you scroll over different background colors. White, Yellow, something that will contrast and be easy to see on ALL size screens.

    Banner Image:

    Rather than a black background, go with something closer to the deep blue hues you have on your background graphic.

    Or even better, use a black outline around the fonts and images and make the black area transparent so your background shows through behind it. Or simply experiment with the transparency of the black area.

    Shows page:

    You've used an iframe for your show schedule that is small and requires scrolling back and forth as well as up and down to see it. Enlarge it at least to full width or height, preferably both, so your user will be able to see at a glance all of your shows.

    Other pages:

    Same issue with fonts. More contrast for better visibility.

    Otherwise (in my opinion), you've stuck with a good simple plan that is easy to navigate without too much distracting clutter.

    Look at my site if you get a chance...
    Ah, a fellow Joomla user..

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