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    Wavestreaming Lifetime html5 player + facebook player/share button

    I own a lifetime license of the wavestreaming player/share button.

    More info here.

    Works with SHOUTcast or Icecast Servers

    Listen to your SHOUTcast stream via iPhone and iPad in the browser

    Embed onto your website with simple copy and paste

    Embed right onto a Facebook Page tab

    2 Players in One! The HTML5 player plus slimline flash player

    Create multiple players

    Real-time album art and now playing information

    Powerful 'share' Facebook button for your site

    Lifetime License available

    Plus More!

    It seems they did away with lifetime licenses. And they now have plans that start at $99 a year? Their website is extremely hard to understand now. Anyway I have a owned lifetime license available.

    I cant remember but I think retail was $299?

    I will sell it for $199
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    Just a word of caution to you and potential buyers, from Wavestreaming's site:

    Our free and pro player suite licence is per company. Multiple stations and players can be added as long as each station or channel is wholly owned by the client. Under no circumstances may our players be resold or given away to any third party without prior written permission from Wavestreaming. Clients are limited to creating upto 10 players for their station(s).
    I would contact Wavestreaming for clarity prior to sale, but this indicates that you may not be allowed to resell it. Its all up to interpretation.

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    Already cleared it prior to posting.
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    Wavestreaming has not authorised this sale and has asked me to close this thread.
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