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    Lightbulb Using a microphone with RadioDJ

    I occasionally see posts from people on the feature requests section of the RadioDJ forum asking for a microphone input button.

    RadioDJ has had one before in v1.6.0 and the latency issues were just awful.

    You don’t need a Microphone button in the software!

    1) Get yourself a decent sound mixer preferably one with sliding controls.
    2) Get yourself a decent microphone (if you haven't already got one)
    3) Route the mixer output into the Line In (Blue) Socket on the back of your PC.
    4) Get encoding software such as Altacast standalone to pick the sound up from either:
    4a: The stereo mix of your Sound card.
    4b: The Line in (tick box) setting in Virtual Audio cables.
    5) Start testing your voice settings.

    If all has gone to plan you should be able to hear your voice over your stream through your mixer controls.

    It really isn't that difficult to do. I've been using method 4b quite successfully for sometime now.

    If stereo mix isn't enabled on your soundcard there are fixes out there for it if you Google hard enough....

    I Hope this helps some people.

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    Agreed. A mixer is the BEST way to go. It ensures the levels are truly proper and you can fine tune them as needed!
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    Virtual Audio cables just says demo demo demo when you set them up i have
    them before

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultra89 View Post
    Virtual Audio cables just says demo demo demo when you set them up i have
    them before
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