Hello Broadcastingworld users ;)
i want to present my free icecast streaming project.
If You are searching a free streaming server, for Your radio - here it is
I offer 2 versions: 32 / 64 slots (up to 192 kbit/s) - every user starts with 32 slots - if more is needed, i upgrade it.
Beginner or experimental radios are very welcome.
I want to support people who doesnt have the possibility to buy expensive streaming packages from commercial streaming providers.
So lets begin.

Because consistently people register to this free service and dont use it for real, here are the rules:
- the icecast-streamlink has to be used in your website respectively playlist
- the icecast-streamlink has to be your mainstream - not the backup
- the stream dont has to be offline
- re-streaming of other radios is disallowed

OK, the rules might sound a little bit hard, but i dont like it when i providing resources of the server that dont be used.
Hope you understand that because its work & time i have to spend, for adding & removing accounts when they are daylong offline.

Contact me via mail: eine@firemail.de (german language preferred - english is also possible)
More info: http://streamaudio.de

And, Yes its free!