I'm not at the studio at the moment so am only listening on my average laptop speakers BUT

A big part of the sound is the Vox processing chain. My chain doesn't sound exactly the same, but gets similar punch with a sound that I've tamed for my liking. I usually use a combination of EQ's, Limiters and Compressor. An Average vocal channel may have 2 limiters, a compressor and 2 EQs in different orders depending on the sound I want need.
The lead VO has that sort of processing on it, sounds something along the lines of Limiter>Compressor>EQ>Limiter.
The EQ is pushing the highs, with the lows rolled sharply off. Maybe somewhere between the 400Hz and 850Hz mark, but I couldn't tell you exactly. Then some extra love in the 2k-8k range

Then it sounds there's a couple other layers on top of it with a tight verb. These have much lower volume and just add some presence. You could get similar results with most Verb plugins.

I'm back in the studio on Tuesday, I'll see if I can re-create something similar.