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    SHOUTcast starts SPAMMING customers ??

    Last month SHOUTcast injected commercials into everyone's stream. After a huge outcry, they stopped and said "it was an accident". Maybe.

    Now they are sending SPAM emails to our customers ... from a customer: I received email from someone named "Bruno" at ShoutCast. His email is: Bruno
    **_Hi there,Thank you for using the SHOUTcast technology to broadcast your station!
    We’ve noticed you’re streaming ******* radio station ****** through an obsolete version of SHOUTcast x64)].
    The new DNAS 2.5.724 version supports our TargetSpot monetization program and is completely compatible with the RMO (stats, metadata display,etc.)
    Click here to learn how to upgrade to new version and about new features.
    We'd like to hear about your experience, click here to leave us a feedback.
    Enjoy your stream!
    The SHOUTcast Team_**
    What is going on with SHOUTcast these days. I've had a number of people asking how to switch to ICEcast. If they continue with these aggressive tactics, it will drive a ton of broadcasters to ICEcast or another platform.

    Was the new way you have to register AuthHash by entering your station / email with them just another way to cull emails to SPAM everyone ?

    I'm annoyed.
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    Not good if they are going to start this sort rubbish. So far I have not got an email from them yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoutcaststreaming View Post
    Was the new way you have to register AuthHash by entering your station / email with them just another way to cull emails to SPAM everyone ?
    Yes and the same goes for requiring an email to download things 'officially' from them.

    Private 2.4.7 install ftw Is a shame as 2.5.x had some nice additions imho (maybe a 2.5.x set to private is ok as well) but with the advert 'issue' and a few other things going on it just shows more of a lack of understanding of the userbase.

    Am going to speculate based on the nature of that message that they may even start to consider limiting only 'current' DNAS to be listed in the YP as a carrot to force some people onto a set version which might be fine for some but probably isn't for a lot of others (i.e. anyone not wanting to use their advert system).

    As haven't they already blocked v1 DNAS from showing up in the listings?


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    It looks to Me as an advert for their "TargetSpot" platform
    Some details can be found at this page :

    Who ever said decades ago : "Money makes the world goin' around"
    Services such as TuneIn, Nobex etc are using ads in front of a stream ... So I suppose Shoutcast is the next one
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    Topic is almost 2 years old. Closing
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