Looking for a low cost solution for a SHOUTcast / ICEcast Dedicated Server? We have it .. only $59 US per month. It will allow you go get 650 concurrent listeners at 128 kbps 24 / 7, with 30 TB of bandwidth. Almost a full 100 mbit server.

Add on Centovacast for ($10.99 per month for 10 stations, $15.99 for 25 stations or $20.99 for unlimited stations.)

Xeon E3-1230 4 Cores (8 HT Cores)
1 x 2TB HDD
1Gbps Port
30 TB Monthly Transfer (Unlimited Inbound Transfer)
4 IPs
$59 US per month - West Coast DC

You won't find a better value out there. Figure it out, that is less than TEN CENTS per 128 kbps listener. Price will go up soon, order now !!