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    Pardon Me please, but it looks to Me that every tool and proposal sounds as "bad" to You

    Myradiostream isn't perfect, but don't sucks and the uptime is very good ...
    There is the free service and gives you the opportunity to share the station page with your listeners, friends etc
    However with the free service you can not share the m3u as a public file ...
    You can stream 128kbps with 200 slots

    If You pay the monthly fee, about 5 , than you have access to their services and is your service set to public
    You can stream upto 192kbps with 200 slots ...

    I have seen on your website that you collab with NOBEX.
    If you manage the Nobex account yourself you have noticed that the tab "website widgets" offers you a free website player.
    This webplayer can be made as a custom player ... and you can even copy & paste a code for a playlist history of the last 10 played tracks (including the current playing)

    Be honest ... This solution costs you 5 a Month !
    All other services are free.

    If You wonna pay a one time fee check "codecanyon AIO Radio Station Player" (webplayer)
    Works great, with Icecast, Shoutcast V1 and V2 etc

    Quote Originally Posted by DJboutit View Post
    There web player is one of the worst web players I have ever seen. I would go with the web player there is no way to disable auto play and there is only a java script version of the player.
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    Myradiostream players sucks it has no volume control and the station info scrolls across here is shot of what the player looks like the background image is the only thing you can change

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    Your dreaming if what your wanting is for free, your going to have to pay

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