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    31 Claims They Cover Royalties World-wide

    There is a new Stream Host,, in business since Octover 2017.

    They claim when you sign up with them, they cover music royalties world-wide. StreemLion says that since they are covered by SOCAN all music is licensed to be broadcast.

    I highly disagree with this statement. In my opinion, they are just trying to shovel in new customers. Here is more information:

    The admin in Internet Radio Broadcasting locked the thread and said
    They can say what they want, I suppose. As I said 3 or 4 times last night, if the listeners are in America you need American licensing.

    Here is their Twitter feed where they make the claim:

    Any thoughts ?

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    Yep, their claim is total bogus. Licensing covers where your listeners are from, not where you are. SOCAN licensing covers Canada and nothing more, SOCAN does not cover any other country.

    As long as your listeners ALL reside in Canada (which is hard to do unless you have the proper know-how to block listeners outside of the country), then you're fine.

    This stream host should tread very carefully, the burn that broadcasters have had over SWCast, (the old) Live365 and StreamLicensing (class action lawsuit in progress) the past several years has made the community quite bitter. Any kind of misleading or false pretence could backfire and end in disaster.


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