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    RadioNomy Experiences

    A while ago I made an account at RadioNomy to check and learn the pro & cons of their service.

    Honestly ? Its a hell of a job to achieve a decent online streaming project.
    To hear music you are in need for mp3 files ...
    So You start the upload of mp3 files to their "boxes".
    However users are limted to upload max 25 files per upload, thats a minimal amount compaired to what is needed to achieve "some" variety.
    During the first uploads you notice that you have some "invalid" files, it makes that 3 invalid files limited your next upload to 25-3 = 22 files.
    An invalid file can have 2 causes, or the mp3 is invalid, or the mp3 needs an update to the meta tags.
    As user you are sure that all meta tags are properly made, however RadioNomy don't recognizes the content.

    So yes, its a hell of a job for reason that each "invalid" file needs an adjustement. This can be done by using the "edit" sign next to each file.
    Very often the original content is replaced with an other artist, an other title etc, so the RadioNomy data don't shows the right details.
    Be sure that during the uploads you get a lot of invalid files. It makes that they have to be adjusted, otherwise new uploads are not anymore possible.

    So far so good ...
    You make uploads of IDs, some promo's, lots of music ... and suddenly it looks as the uploads are blocked.
    Strange ? No, the system tells you that during the first 3 Months a max of 1000 files can be stored.
    After 3 Months you can upload upto 3000 files.
    Offering real variety in music to your audience ain't easy if only 1000 files can be played.

    What about the quality of the stream ?
    At the tab "Technical Info" you can edit the "RM Compression" and the "Live Compression".
    I don't know what RadioNomy understands if they tell you that they use "compression", but the music sounds "real compressed".
    The high & mid frequencies are that narrow that it don't sound as it has to be. The sparkle of your great mp3 file is gone.
    Some RM tutorials learns you that it is a great idea to edit (normalize) each mp3 file before upload.
    I wonder how many users are editing "each" of their files ?
    So I have unchecked the RM Compression, now it sounds more or less near normal.
    It looks to Me that a limiter could give better results compaired to their narrow compression settings.

    After you made the uploads its about time to make some "clocks" & "templates" ... Thats the way your project gonna sounds to the public.
    The "clocks" can be understood as your format.
    The "template" is what is auto generated by RadioNomy as playlist.
    So you have no possibility to shedule a typical song at a certain time.

    I suppose We can agree that RadioNomy gives all users restrictions in the way a user is willing to setup their project.

    Don't worry, you are already streaming !
    Indeed, meanwhile your stream IP Port has been setup and you are streaming to the world.
    We are living in a modern digital world ! Right ?
    So you wonna use your smartphone to share your project with all your friends.
    Login to their website, choose your app and you are redirected to their apps

    Conclusion ...
    Its my point of view that RadioNomy is a great way to make your own "home station".
    Are you looking for a typical Jazz, Retro, Rock etc station and you don't like their music ?
    Setup yourself a RadioNomy stream, and play all your favorite songs nonstop as your companion when you are home alone.

    Good to know !
    During the first 3 Months you need an average of 12 listening hours a day
    - if this amount is not reached within 3 Months, your stream account is deleted by RadioNomy
    During the next 6 Months you have to reach 130 listening hours a day
    - if this amount is not reached within those 6 Months, your stream account is deleted
    After the 9th Month your stream is evaluated every Month to check if you reached the minimum amount of 130 hours a day.

    Disclaimer :
    The content of this thread is my point of view from my experiences concerning pro & cons about the RadioNomy services.
    It ain't a tutorial.
    I agree that fellow members have other experiences with RadioNomy. They are free to reply with their own opinion.
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    I've heard nothing but bad press about the Shoutcast/Radionomy offerings...

    I read the Winamp/Shoutcast forums and a lot of users over there haven't been too happy about the services.

    I'm not likely to sign up for their services anytime soon. Radionomy just sound shady to me.

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