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    Thumbs up Glitchy Audio Windows 10?

    If anyone has been suffering from poor audio on Windows 10 since the April update you can be rest assured its not your software or PC at fault, Microsoft changed the sound settings in the April update and on some machines has been causing some Glitches/Pops/Crackles etc...

    I thought at first it was my machine at fault but no it wasn't it was a bloody Microsnot update that wasn't ready for release causing all the issues.

    Who knows one day we might just get fault free audio on Windows which would be nice for those who require glitch free audio.

    Again not the software I use at fault although its taken me a few days to rule that out someone else confirmed this was a Windows issue on RadioDJ forums.
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    I agree with you Garry ...

    About a month ago my Windows7 got a package of updates (280MB).
    After a reboot the next day I had the Windows 98 look ... Strange isn't ?
    So I went on the internet for a solution, at first without results, but found in a small article a kind of solution.
    Deleting all updates of that date. So I did.
    Deleting the first three updates went well, "trying" to the fourth one was not possible. So I tried again, and again ...
    Suddenly my pc went black and did an auto reboot.
    Result = I've got my normal screen and toolbar back.
    The next day I received new updates who were OK ...

    After I could solve my problem I found at a Microsoft forum that into the former package one update went wrong.

    So my 2 cents are : Try to delete the latest updates, and maybe it gonna provide a new update who works fine.

    This was my second bad experience, however the first one happend at the time I used XP (several years ago)
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