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    K-Pop The Future in Music

    Ever heard of K-Pop ?

    Everyone knows PSY, who had some huge #1 hits into worldwide charts (Gangnam Style & Gentleman).

    K-Pop stands for Korean Pop ...
    K-Pop is an industry, and the proof that marketing is an important part of the success.
    There even exist "K-Pop schools" were the best students are selected to take part and to join new projects who are invented by the record companies.

    Most of the K-Pop artists are young people, teens and people in their early twenties.
    Their video views do make international artists jealous.
    Several of them reach into the first 24 hours of their release at YouTube 35 Million views.
    An average of 300 Million views, and once in a while 1 Billion views looks piece of cake.

    All songs are very recognizable to each one of Us. They sound "international" ... Some in Korean, other songs with part of the lyrics in English.
    It looks to Me an amazing world ready to discover.

    Yes ... even Billboard has their own K-Pop Weekly Top100
    You can check the Weekly charts rankings at this link :

    The refreshing sound of K-Pop ... and who knows "The Future in Music"
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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    How does it stand regarding Royalties on this sort of music?

    I'm asking the question before someone else pipes up about it.
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    It's certainly being played more here in Australia, although we do have a lot of Korean migrants. Funnily enough most other South East Asian countries love K-Pop even though it's not in their language.

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