The Leaf FM is currently hiring for our Live365 station. We are running everywhere we can be listed. Send a resume to to apply! You can call our offices @ 512-843-5323, office hours are M-F 8am-5pm PST.

We are currently offering positions for:

  • Sales
  • On-Air
  • News Team
  • Weather
  • Sports

All positions are paid DOE, sales will make commissions on advertising sold.

What are our qualifications?
  • High Speed Internet
  • Sales Experience is preferable for a sales job but not required
  • At least 6 months On-Air experience and be able to read live copy
  • No druggies. We are 420 friendly, but we do not tolerate dope heads
  • Be professional and courteous when on assignment or when replying to phone or email contact
  • Ability to record voice parts when required

We will provide a copy of SAM Broadcaster or whatever you prefer. A clockwheel and PAL scripting will be sent if you qualify and get the job. Strict clockwheel guidelines.

We look forward to hearing from you! This is an exciting opportunity for us all. We are in the re-development stage and want to maximize our potential with an amazing staff.