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    problems with radiodj

    hi all again i have using playit software for sometime now
    and i'v just reinstalled radiodj now i'v got it installed i click on the radiodj logo to
    start it up? and all i see is grey in most parts, now i installed mariadb
    its username is root i don't know how to get back into maria to reset the root username
    i know my password

    but its just radiodj its grey inside

    now i do have heidisql but thats setup with the old database

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    Got a great tip for you

    Stop changing the software you use every 5 minutes. You're going to run into issues if you keep uninstalling a reinstalling software and its database.

    My suggestion Get a better hobby this one seems to be tying you up in knots.

    You would have had some real help from me had you not been obnoxious to me a while back... good luck getting this one figured out.
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