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    SSL Streams (https://)

    Our newest service will give a HTTPS address that you can use for a SSL secure stream. Not working in CHROME? Switch to a HTTPS stream and get playing again.

    You no longer need to change IP addresses if you switch providers, just use our secure https:// address well give you a link that will work with SHOUTcast (version 1 & 2) and ICEcast. That way you can switch Stream Hosts and keep the same IP address. This is great for submissions to TuneIn, iTunes, etc. Your address will never change.

    Our control panel will provide you with a new https:// address you can use on your website (or anywhere you need to provide a secure link), and well automatically forward the https:// address to your existing stream.
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    Now sites without a SSL certificate are a thing of the past, so the future belongs to secure sites. I realized this a few years ago. I keep track of the expiration date of the domain and certificate lease. We all know that even Google doesn't like sites without a SSL certificate.


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