Since I am not making much progress on my Internet radio station business questions, maybe I can at least increase my knowledge on the technical side?!

First off, is there an acronym for "Radio Automation Software", e.g. "RAS" or not?

Second, if I wanted to run a for-profit Internet radio station, where would you typically host the RAS?

I have heard a lot of people say that they run it off of their local computer, but I see that as being problematic, because I live on the road, and if my hotel's Wi-Fi was slow or went down my radio station could go off the air?!

I was under the assumption that if I ran something like ProppFrexx, that I would need to buy a Windows-based VPS or dedicated server and host ProppFrexx from there, in addition to needing a stream provider which is yet another webserver...

Is that correct?