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    Purchasing shoutcast / icecast service with AAC support.

    After about six years, getting back into radio, have joined a group of friends, and am needing to BYO streaming.

    Been having a hard time trying to find out what hosts are capable of AAC (superior to mp3), and not many support it, or just don't make it clear.

    Living in Australia, everyone knows the exchange rate to the US dollar is down the toilet, so I'm looking around US$5.00 to about US$7.50, as i'm budgeting about ten aussie pesos a month (okay, getting a bit tongue and cheek), but I've found three candidates that may interest me, and would like to know from others if they are any good, and whether I can get my SAM Broadcaster Pro 2020 to pump an AAC stream into any of these places.

    DosCAST DC 96 for US5.99

    Cheap Shoutcast Icecast 100 for US7.50
    Don't know why they're advertising AAC, when it's crossed out on all their plans, might as well just not mention it.

    Zfast hosting with 96kbs with 100 slots, but don't need autodj storage (I have music on another server)

    Listeners = 100
    Bitrate = 96kbps
    AutoDJ = None
    Price = about 5.50/month
    So if anybody has any other suggestions, would welcome them.
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