I have a longstanding issue with my icecast system. A client will connect while a program is playing. When the program is finished, it falls back to a fallback mp3 that plays until the next scheduled program starts. The issue is that many clients just stay on the fallback mp3 unless the user refreshes. The current program then begins playing.

The one client that seems to work properly is the old WinAMP client for PC. The next program starts with a latency of around 4 mins.

VLC is interesting in the next program shows in the title bar above but the audio stays on the fallback MP3. If you click the play next media button, it will switch to the live content.

If anyone has seen this behavior, I would love to hear from you.

The stream is here: TraditionalCatholicRadio.org:8000/main

Linux Server running Fedora 28
Icecast Server 2.2.4
MP3 encoding with ezstream/madplay/lame
Channels: mono
Sample Rate: 11025
Bits per sample 32
Bitrate 16kb/s


clients 100
sources 6
threadpool 6
queue-size 890288
client-timeout 30
header-timeout 15
source-timeout 10

burst-on-connect 1

burst-size 64000


madplay -o raw:- @T@
lame -r --bitwidth 16 -s 44.1 --resample 11.025 -a - -