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    "Franchise" Stations?

    I'm not sure if franchise is the term, but I've heard that some stations have basically the same content as others from the same company, with some audio produced specifically for the local markets.

    If I'm not mistaken, in the Toronto area an example of this would be JACK FM, which plays rock.

    Is there much of this going on?

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    In my country (Belgium) thats what we know as "chain radio's" (free translation of the word / meaning)
    They are all basicly independent but are making the same broadcast shedule.
    Operational : station 1 at city A is broadcasting its content who is captured (provided by adsl, cable etc) by other stations in city B, C, etc etc (offcourse between both there is a contract made !)
    Private commercial FM radio in Belgium has some huge restrictions in the coverage of regions, this means that all stations has a specific and limited power to broadcast.
    Local stations (max 0,100KW), district stations (upto 0,500KW), regional stations (1 untill 2KW)
    Next to the private "local" commercial projects We have the National broadcast compagnies, eather from the governement or commercial. These are covering the whole country. However this coverage has to be devided by 3
    In Belgium We have the Dutch, French and German regions who have all their own radio and tv projects.
    So a lot for a small country
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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