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    Introducing bodalgo - The new voice over market place


    the admin of bworld thought it might be a good idea to stop by and introduce to you, a new market place for voice overs.


    my name is Armin Hierstetter, a voice talent based in Munich, Germany.

    In January 2008 I launched a new voice over portal: bodalgo

    Like other sites you surely know, bodalgo offers online auditioning, so you might think: "Well, not really a new idea ..."

    But there are a few things about bodalgo that you might find helpful and interesting, for example: EVERY talent gets exposure in the database (not only the premium members). Every talents gets her/his profile with up to five audio demos and loads of details to promote the voice.

    For voice seekers bodalgo offers a super easy to use online auditioning tool, that makes finding the right voice for any voice over project a fun, easy and fast task. Voice jobs can be posted for free, of course.

    I would be happy if you'd have a look at bodalgo for yourself and told me what you think about it.



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    Willkommen auf der Website. Ich hoffe, dass Sie sich wie zu Hause fühlen bei uns.

    Always nice to have a fellow european along and I will certainly look at your site later.

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    Hello Armin!:welcome2bw:

    I can vouch for him, he is a super nice person and his site is lovely.
    I've been on the site for 6 months.
    So if you are a voice talent, you should definitely put your profile on it! It's worth having the extra web presence.
    Now, whether you want to pay for the premium service is another thing. Currently, most of the jobs are in German. There are some jobs in other languages, but not many yet.
    I know that Armin is working hard at bringing job seekers to his site, so we need to keep an eye on it as I'm sure it will become very successful!:biggrinthumb:

    And if you need a voice and you can't find it here, then use Boldago to post the job! But remember, over there no freebies, you'll have to pay for your voices.

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    Güten Tag Armin
    and welcome to BW
    You have a wonderful database of voices at your website
    Congrats and thumbs up !
    All the best .. all the way from your neighbour in Belgium
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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