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    Problem... rather funny.

    I'm broadcasting shoutcast using SAM and anytime someone requests from my site, it duplicates the request. Apparently, it doesn't take the second request out of the allowed request # for that user, but it's going to be annoying for anyone trying to listen when I'm not here to control it.

    Any tips?

    each user is allowed 4 requests every 25 minutes, upped to 6 until we get this fixed. I rechecked the check against playlist rules policies... dunno if that's going to work yet. It wasn't doing this yesterday, I don't think.

    Let me know if you have any tips.

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    oh yea, forgot to mention, if I request something from the same site, it won't dupe it.

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    Strange behaviour from SAM for sure ...

    My idea :
    - check your request policy on "song" and "artist" (activate both)
    - add the requests on ipBottom
    - set the amount of requests to 2 (for example = every 30 minutes)
    - add into your "playlist rotations" 3 untill 4 songs in queue
    (2 is sometimes to less)

    Problem can be :
    if your request policy hasn't a correct setting on "song" and "artist" it can happen if visitors click "twice" on the request button ... the song is loaded "twice" to the playlist
    (so check also your playlist rotation policy = song and artist every X-time)

    Its indeed funny ... "and" sometimes a problem created by the visitors themself ...
    Reason is simple : a lot of people still click "twice" (aka doubleclick) on every link they see or use at any website ... That sounds also funny ... but I know some people into my neighbourhood who are addicted to click to everything twice
    Sometimes people are thinking that it don't go fast enough .. so they click 2 times in a row

    Hope this was usefull :D

    PS : if this don't solve your problem ... add 2 screenshots of your SAM to this topic - 1 of your request policy and 1 of your playlist policy
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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