I've was just reviewing the free voice over request rules and I noticed something. You know how we tell people some times they can only post one request?

Well if you read the rules, this one stands out (to me any way).
How Many Voiceovers Can I Request?

It states: We recommend a maximum of three in one request, and only one request at a time. If your voiceover has not been made, feel free to bump the topic after a week.

I think the “maximum of three in one request, and only one request at a time”. is confusing people.

Because we tell them only one can be requested. Even I'm confused now after reading that statement.

So I think that line needs to be changed and examples placed there as well.

Something like “One line per post”

You listing to name and station name

or “Three lines per post”

You listening to name and station name

You rocking with DJ name

The hottest station on the net

This way people know they can post 1 request or the 3 lines per request.

I could be wrong, but like I said it seems to be stating two (2) different things at one time.