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    Mystery Listener 2010 [Official Discussion]

    2010 is bigger than ever with Mystery Listener coming back! For those who have never heard about ML10, this is our second year of running this competition.

    Members can submit their station to us and they download a promo for Broadcasting World (which they have to play on their station), the Mystery Listener tunes into different stations every day for 10 mins and listens out for that promo.

    If the Mystery Listener find a promo playing on a station, he gets very excited and jumps up and down because that station has won one of many prizes valued at up to $1,000! This year we are doing it differently..

    • Premium members get double the time. So the Mystery Listener tunes in for 20 mins instead of 10 mins.
    • You can now choose up to 5 promos to play to suit your stations genre and style!
    • More prizes from more of our wonderful sponsors!
    Further details about the competition will be posted up in this thread, we suggest subscribing to this thread to recieve notifications on new happenings and such..

    Feel free to chat about the upcoming competition in August!

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    Looking forward to the updates
    Visit and listen @ BW !

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