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    Radio music royalty issue put to rest

    is this for us to say radio is that just on air radio fm radio or all radios

    Radio broadcasters will now have to pay only 2 per cent of their net revenues as royalty to music companies. It’s a judgement that was long awaited. Radio stations are heaving a big sigh of relief as the Copyright Board has passed a judgement which states that radio broadcasters and music companies will follow a revenue sharing model - as done internationally. The new rule entails that radio stations will pay 2 per cent of their net revenues as music royalty fee to all music providers. In most markets where radio has developed well, music royalties are range between 0-4 per cent…… here is the full page

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    Good to know but I don't think it's the same in my country (Belgium). We have to pay the stream capasitie.
    Let's say your stream has a maximum of 100 listeners you pay an amount of money if you have more than 250 you pay more, if more than 1000 you pay more etc.

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