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    This may be a dumb question, but in scanning this (old) discussion, I'm led to wonder: how do regulatory bodies know where a radio station got their music? (You can tell what music they're playing by monitoring the transmission or stream, but how do they know whether the hard or digital file itself was paid for, and where it was purchased?)

    Seems the Norwegian fellow above made the most sense; he suggests that in his country nobody worries about whether the original file is "legal", as long as the station pays its liability. That's where the money is; dissuading stations from playing the music at all, and so not placing it in rotation, because they didn't pay (or can't prove they paid) a pittance to acquire it is incredibly bad business.

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    radiowayne is not a lawyer but believes that if someone gave you a downloaded file you can only webcast if that person was the copyright holder and gave you express permission or the person was an agent of the copyright holder and gave you permission. radiowayne gets a lot of music downloaded from Airplay Direct. These are supplied by the record labels strictly for radio stations to use. radiowayne notes that he rarely buys music. Almost all of the music that he plays is given to him by the artist, their management, promotion people or the label.

    But, then again, he could be wrong.

    Wayne G. aka radiowayne

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