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Found 8 results

  1. Some great ideas for promoting your independent radio station: Every Programmer Must Be a Publicist ----------------------------------------------- http://www.radiosurvivor.com/2018/07/12/every-community-radio-programmer-must-be-a-publicist The article is aimed at small community radio stations but many of the ideas can be used by Internet radio stations.
  2. James Cridland writes an excellent column about radio in RAIN News. He covers AM, FM, DAB and Internet radio around the world: http://rainnews.com/tag/james-cridland
  3. Lots of people stream Internet radio through their computer at work. Others stream Internet radio in their car using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. But until recently there wasn't a cheap and easy way to stream Internet radio throughout your home. Amazon's Alexa promises to change all that. It's estimated that Amazon has sold 31 million Alexa devices as of Dec. 2017, and is on track to sell 50 million Alexa devices by Dec. 2018. I played with an Alexa device this week and I was amazed at how easy it is to stream Internet radio to every room with a simple voice command. On AM and FM the strong signals of large stations overpower the weak signals of small stations. On Alexa all stations are equal. It's just as easy to say: "Alexa: play Radio Paradise," as it is to say: "Alexa: play BBC World Service." I noticed that Autopo.st is offering an Alexa Skill for Internet radio stations for a reasonable monthly fee: https://www.autopo.st/alexa-radio-skill Have you tried streaming Internet radio on Alexa? Do you think that independent Internet radio stations should have an Alexa skill?
  4. Hello, I am the owner of a new internet radio station called Figaro Christian Radio and I am looking for a solution to my problem concerning remote broadcasting. I am trying to find a way to connect to my radio station remotely, however, I am not trying to use a "VNC" or remote access program to solve my problem. I tried to use Lunacaster and sc_trans from Shoutcast to solve my problem, however I was unsuccessful.
  5. Hey! I'm a final year sound engineering student at university and am currently doing my final year project which is to design and create an internet radio creation app for tablets (for streaming, not listening). As part of this I need to understand the technology is currently used and how it is used. I would really appreciate it if you could complete this very short survey. It should not take longer than about 6 minutes. Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to take part! If you have any questions, feel free to message me on here. The link is: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1985396/Internet-Radio-Survey
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to start and internet radio station and I'm wondering what the best way to set it up is. I'd like to stream live shows (mostly talk) and have multiple guests as well as live callers. My thinking was that I would use some sort of mixing software and record and broadcast directly from my computers sound card. But I'm not to savvy on how this would work and figured there is probably an established solution that most people use. The simpler the better. I currently use Instant Teliseminar for one of my businesses and wondered if maybe I could somehow use that to broadcast the live shows and take calls, but then record it all directly via my computers sound card so that it sounded much better quality for the podcast which how I imagine the majority of my listeners will consume the content. Are there any services out there that would allow me to do this simply? I've done my share of Googling Internet Radio Software and such, but everything find seems to offer a few of the things I want but not all. Just to restate, I'm just looking to have multiple guests call in remotely, and take live calls as well as stream the show live. but I want to be able to record it so that the podcast recordings sounds better than what I hear coming from so many of the shows out there. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  7. Hello all, I am posting my two questions in this one post first one... is there any software out there that can help track what's hot & what's not on your station to see what the listeners are listening to and when the station is most popular day/night/evening so forth I know this can all been done with centovacast but I don't like the way it show's when's busy and when you download the log file its complete rubbish and hard to understand at times, if anyone can help with this id very very great-full..... question number 1 is there any good distributors out there for dance music eurodance, eurohouse, trance & chart remix etc, the stuff we play at the moment is paid for of iTunes and trackitdown but all these songs are already popular i'm looking stuff that hasn't hit the charts yet so i can play it and test it on my own station if someone knows of any good ones please let me know thank you.. hope someone can help!
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