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Found 4 results

  1. Hi again everyone. My email address didn't come out correctly in the previous post for some reason. Here it is again mbern6516@aol.com
  2. [TABLE=width: 99%, align: left] [TR] [TD=width: 1%][/TD] [TD]Hi, I make music videos for a living, using dslr camera's. I want to expand to a few new gig's such as broadcasting a live event... we will only have one camera and 4 tv's and evertything will be connected by a Teradek BOLT. My question is.... when i stream from my dslr VIA a hdmi to a tv on my tv screen I have all the settings on the screen from my menu.. ISO, Fstop, Battery life, etc etc.... I called cannon and they said my camera can not stream with out anything on the screen... I was able to take everything away expect the focal rings.. so on the TV you would see all the Focal Points.. so i am going to get a broadcasting camera for this GIG... what camera should i get that is able to stream live video with out any of these settings info on the sides... is it just dslr's that have this problem? is this a easy fix with a high quality broadcasting camera? is it in the settings to turn this stuff off?? I still dont know what camera to get either so if you have any ideas i would be happy to know.. thank you very very much for your time and help[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  3. Just thinking out loud.... Would anyone be able to give any advice on this, Im looking to set up a very basic replay system, one input. There are a handful of chase play systems for mega dollars, but there must be a simple solution, I have been thinking about the possibility of using a Coax Sat/Cable box with live pause and rewind etc.. Very common and cheap, comes with HDD and all that, If i could somehow get a cdmi/sdi signal to feed into the unit as a vhf/uhf signal it should work??? IS there a cost effective way to convert HDMI/SDI to Coax UHF/VHF in HD?? Not looking for anything wireless just coax converter, Surely the cable box would be able to pick up the signal?? With this, I would feed the HDMI output of the Cable box into the mixer, Throw a upstream keyer logo "REPLAY" or similar over the onscreen pause rewind graphics if there are any and this should all work.... Or am i missing something?? Any advice would be much appreciated
  4. I have a few broadcasters that I work with who would like to use Android phones (specifically Galaxy S4s) as their entire broadcasting platform for live events. In specific, sporting events. The broadcasting setup right now is usually to have two microphones (one for ambient sound aimed at a crowd, and one for the broadcaster themselves) plugged into an Alesis mixing board. A pair of headphones is also plugged into the mixing board. All sound quality, levels, mixing, etc. is handled on the board and regular USB 2.0 comes out and plugs into a Laptop. The laptop takes the audio and simply pushes it over to IceCast servers using Edcast Reborn and MP3/Ogg Vorbis encoders. Advertisements are played as static audio files on the laptop through any old media player like Windows Media Player or even iTunes. However now some broadcasters want to be able to use their Android phones as the entire broadcasting platform. Is there anyone out there doing internet streaming from their Android devices that could offer some advice? My thought is that it's going to be tough, if not impossible, to recreate the exact level of experience for the broadcasters on a phone. I thought to get rid of the 4-channel mixing board and simply use a pair of headphones with a mic in them for the broadcaster, use DropBox on the phone to handle advertisement files so that they can be synced with a PC somewhere in the control room of a station, and then use something like the app BroadcastMyself to tie it all together. The only trouble is that broadcasters want to hear themselves in the headset. So perhaps I'll need to keep the mixer in the equation, however that has so far been a headache to find an app that can take USB audio input and hand it off to a streaming app like BroadcastMyself. Is anyone out there using their Androids as a live streaming platform to backend IceCast servers? Any advice or thoughts in general?
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